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    Let's goo hyped for the new meta.

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    Mate, you seriously need to chillax.

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    Hello everyone, I know I am late for this but I couldn't change my account's password.
    This is my short story in Gamenet :
    I was invited to the server by my friend " Thelegend " (Ricardo).
    I used to enter the game whenever I feel like bored and troll people. My English was bad as well.
    And since the day I joined I started building memories with amazing people, DOPE was my first friend there, we used to go around and troll people around.. Then Reddey came in and we all spent time together, it was fun times.
    And then, I was introduced to something called Embassy, a team that help people, I was amazed by the idea, by the concept of helping.
    So I made the best decision of my life,which is that I should behave and become a better person so I can join that team.
    And yes, because of the things I did when I used to troll it was hard for me to get accepted in the team (I used to be toxic). But I was accepted.
    Then I started meeting new people, new staff members and I started quickly to have more and more friends, those times were amazing. I started to get better and better in English.
    It was the best period of my life...
    And I want to thank Ross so much he's been a someone who supported me all along, he helped me change, and helped me become a better person.
    And then I started becoming better and better, and falling in love with the idea of helping people I wanted the best for that team, it was like a family to me, we used to chat every single day on Whatsapp all together, and started meeting more amazing people.
    Then shortly, I was promoted to Embassy Leader which was the best thing that could've happened to me. Thank you so much for believing in me and my abilities.
    So since the day I became the Embassy Leader, I started doing new things, trying to change up things.
    But sadly, it was the time where people were starting to leave Gamenet...
    So I made new plans took care of the Embassy, made by best to check on the Embassy members, I made sure that new players were taught the best. I wanted Gamenet to be populated again..
    But still I couldn't bring the server back alive with many players. I tried many solutions but none of them seemed to work, I was always helped by all the Embassy members, but specially JohnnyEnglish and Ross. But I couldn't keep new players sticking in with the server...
    I tried my best and I'm glad that I did, I had the chance to be a Leader of an Embassy in such an amazing community.
    I'm sorry that I couldn't do more for the server but it has come to an end.
    I'm also mad that I didn't join in the times where Gamenet was populated and meet more amazing people.
    I don't know where I would be at this time without Gamenet, I started loving the game industry, the computer industry because of Gamenet, became more obsessed with new amazing things.
    But what I loved the most was that I was able to come in the game at anytime and had the chance to talk with people all around the world and learn about their culture.
    And in those last days, I was being trained scripting by JohnnyEnglish, I had a plan to join the Gamenet's scirpting team in the upcoming summer and help the server become a better one, but I guess I won't be able to have that chance !
    Thank you so much @JohnnyEnglish, because of you now I know what I am going to do as a major in the University.
    I am so sad that those days has come to an end, I couldn't be in game in the past moth because of school, but I hope that I'm gonna stay in touch with most of you guys.
    I hope this forum could be a place where we can all talk from time to time, and I hope that @Jasper finds out something to do with this amazing community. ( Maybe moving Gamenet to a new game ? Maybe restarting it ? Maybe idk ?)
    There is a lot of things that I also learnt because of Gamenet, but I guess I typed too much, and I should stop by now.
    Big thanks for all the people that has supported me in this beautiful journey. I will never let go of these amazing memories...
    Thank you @JasperNL so much for building this amazing community.

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    I think everyone above mentioned everything nice about the server; i dont want to make a long post; though i would like to thank everyone who i've met on this journey and had a wonderful time with. I made more friends in this server than real life. Been a part of this server for five years, it's been hell of a ride.

    Thank you everyone! Hope we meet someday somewhere in some other game, till then have a good life ahead, stay in touch! 🙂


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    I started playing MTA because of friends recommendation , by accident the community which they were playing in is soon after it changed to ingsoc, I started like any other player : learning and discovering things ... something that wasn't easy to do without a guidance However, the community grew on me so I decided to be directly involved in the community so I applied to the embassy and by my first try i got accepted into an experienced group by BALove (i have no recollection of encouters between us and to this day i don't know where and how you disappeared) and BOULY , the group had many people( NitroViper ,Rage,TurboNucker,Nico,Osvaldo, Nadeem, Masher ...) that helped me learn more .

    Whereas due to some problems i went inactive for a while but i came back afterwards : spent some time reforming my integrity, I decided to re-join the embassy ,in order to help players make their integrity easier and I got accepted by Ross ( it was my first encouter with you) as time went by I somehow made a good reputation around that paved my way through promotions in the embassy , i understood its goal and i wanted to inspire the players to do good deeds and help new players , the embassy to me was like my home i always wanted the best for it and i met awesome people in the process like : Nico,Karim ,Mann,Kha_lil,SuperKillerTN=D,Skyline,Johnny English, Pheonix(Uktarsh) and whoever else i'm forgetting, thank you for bearing with me.
    Subsequently the moderation needed more members so they made a vote between me and Jonathan(Makanaski) thereafter i got promoted into the staff and honestly when i was added to the staff i was shocked by finding many old staff/players that i knew before in the whatsapp group where i also found other staff members that i never knew, amazing dudes though >_>
    In the meantime, Dayz had been created which i helped build and take care of but some probems happened besides my duties in the rpg thus i quit the dayz staff and kept on being a player as it made me understand the issues and the worries of players even more which was really my intention since the beginning ** to help players report and complain about their issues ** .I think i've done an awesome job at being a staff Furthermore, i also gave my best in providing creative ideas to create scripts ,mediating, solve issues.
    As time passes by, life comes at you fast bruh i tell ya that ( priorities, studies , social life etc) my activity began to crumble and here we are today,

    What i'm trying to say here is that the community helped me grow SO MUCH and in many ways , it came at a time (youth) that we or I will talk about a lot in the future.
    In brief, thank you Jasper for letting me be a part of this community i truly have no other way to express my pleasure.
    Thank you Jasper,Ross,Enzo,BOULY,Abo-el-saeed,Rada for putting up with my cleverness and foolishness at discussing high server-related matters in RPG
    Thank you Ross,the 2 british lads,Utkarsh,Johnny English and whoever i'm forgetting here in moderating / playing DayZ
    Thank you to the rpg staff/oldies that i mentioned before and others that i didn't mention
    and most importantly thanks to our players.

    our journey comes to an end like any ship sail come ashore if not sank i have no regrets in spending my time on that ship in fact i loved the sea life.
    I hope we'll keep in touch in our whatsapp group if not i will always be availabe to reach out to you if you ever need my help via my whatsapp,facebook... .

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    we (includding me) killed it.

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    Whatever you are on, good luck

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  • RE: BrAnkiLlEr_07 is here nenas

    I'm being eaten alive by a 12 hour work shift and life. Thanks for asking o/

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    i'm alive too

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  • RE: Gamenet is needing it! this... up...

    Firstly the updates, they've been implemented recently to the server and most of them are jobs that require 1000 exp ( I bet most of players don't have that much )
    so the players haven't caught up to the updates yet . Moreover , some stuff is still being worked afaik.
    Secondly what do you mean VIP Panel ? donators already have their stuff on the 'm' panel i see no need to make a panel for them : it's just meaningless.

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