complaint-ish discussion

  • Hello 🙂

    Before you read, please keep in mind that I'm not being bossy or overly pedantic 😆

    First of all, thanks for taking your time to click on this topic. I just wanted to start a little discussion about how the current gang-war system works.

    So, here I am, after 2 years of inactivity in the server. Not a lot has changed since I first joined the server, except job variety and some other little things. I used to play gang-wars a lot, and it was my favorite feature of the role-play server, except the fact that some actions were not being taken regarding those who exploit bugs or gain advantage by abusing the features of the server.

    "Rule 4. Abusing features of the server to give yourself an unfair advantage in the Los Santos Gang Wars Area is not allowed."

    I see that it is a new trend to spawn cars, then use it as a cover. It feels so realistic to do that, but it gives the user an unfair advantage, because they are able to kill enemies without being targeted. I could do it too, but neither I nor my opponent would be able to hit each other. It's just like how the default drive-by resource in MTA works - you can shoot and hit enemies, but you cannot get hit.

    I believe every war addict has experienced this, and are probably resorting to doing it too. I also read long ago that spawning vehicles in gang-war areas were not allowed so please stop this bug-exploitation in some way, like automatically destroying vehicles that enter or are spawned in the war zone.

    If they ARE allowed to be spawned in war zones, then forgive my rudeness.

    Thank you for reading this little topic I created 🙂