How to add signatures on the forum?

  • Global Moderator

    I saw some guys asking how to add signatures so I'll upload some steps with screenshots hope it helps you 😛

    Step 1- Go to Edit Profile0_1503086494302_PC edit prof1.png or 0_1503091486074_IMG_20170818_182235.png

    Step 2- Scroll down till signature 0_1503086630050_image example.png

    Step 3- Write your signature 0_1503086693895_text example.png if you want a image as signature upload the image in ( I recommend 400x140px max size, because big ones aren't allowed) then use this code 0_1503086904279_image example.png here's an example 0_1503086942812_my SIG example.png

    That's all hope you added it 😛 (that's for new users) do not bully 😧