EstratagiaGta Abuse :(

  • Offender name: EstrategiaGTA
    Type of offense: Abuse many times
    Who is offended: Rutvik
    Server: RPG
    Date and time (with timezone): 5 august 2017
    Description: He slapped me 2 times cuz i killed him. Then he warped me to him and killed me with silenced gun many times. Then he banned me for some time. i want justice 😞
    Evidence(Video, Image): [link text] url)

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    You don't need to upload images on hosting sites anymore, select them on your PC directly, also use the right report format for staff

  • The Pink Squad

    We will slap him in the face, for now you're unbanned.


  • Roleplay Team

    So now that the post has been unlocked, I'll reply and tell the truth about what happened.

    "Abuse many times"
    Totally not the truth. It's not an abuse when you asked for it. You kept saying in the chat "omg Estra abuser, abuse me I want ss" so I agreed and I started to warp you and kill you. Then when you kept annoying me with "omg i got ss" messages I decided to ban you.

    alt text

    "Then he banned me for some time"
    I can only see a screenshot of you being banned from the Roleplay server for 1 minute. I told Joba to unban you inmediately after I had banned you. That's "some time" but nothing to worry about. Then you came online, you didn't log in and you left. Maybe to make people think you were banned for more time, I don't know.

    "Evidence (Video, Image)"
    Why did you upload a screenshot of you trying to join the server while being banned? So stupid, you asked me to abuse so you could take screenshots, and you don't upload them? Brilliant.

    If I see you in the server I might punish you by the way so I'd be careful. It's not nice to talk trash about a staff member and make him look like an abuser, hiding some parts of the story and telling the parts that you wanted to make it look like a real staff abuse situation.

    Here the offended person is me, and the offender is Rutvik clearly. Talking trash and stealing time from me to reply to this report...

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    Wait, you're playing at 640x480?

  • Roleplay Team

    @jaspernl said in EstratagiaGta Abuse 😞:

    Wait, you're playing at 640x480?


  • Dont worry you're not the only one being abused by admins Mann abuse's me all the time lmao