• Hello ... You guys thought that you fixed the slot 3 by disabling it in LS but some badass still use the vortex as an alternative slot. Well I was going to take my police car in SF when i called Player called Alex for his stars. He said okay coming ... When i was trying to hit him he spawned the vortex well i didn't know first time that he killed me using it and the kill got one me : Anthu killed alex : blowing something .. When i got back to him he did it a second time and i lost all my weapons .. After i lost my weapons i understood what's going on and i went on purpose next to him just to take a SS for what happened... I hope you'll give me back my things.
    ss :
    I had :
    600 bullets spas 12
    grenades : 20
    m4 : 6k
    sniper : 98
    and deagle : i don't know how much
    But what is important are the grenades , m4 and spas 12

    Hope you'll believe me , understand what happened , ban that badass alex and solve this vortex problem.

    Yesterday i took a ss by chance for what i had weps but it seems that it's only spas 12 that is shown.

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    in your proofs saying,he spawn votrex and you dead...not killed anyone..+No warn message
    To remove your weapons you should kill 3 times in sf..not dead..
    So it is bullshit..

  • (+18) required

    Joba I mean fuck it dude... your reply is a ducking bullshit ... I mean I sweared to you I wasted 1 hour of my fucking life making a topic that no-one will fucking believe me .. i gave you proofs screenshots , people to ask them if i had these weapons and you didn't belived me ... It's not a fucking thousands rounds or 9999 Millions that I lost them it's just couple of bullets that I lost them begging you to regive me them because i'm poor wtf you want more...
    Guess what don't give me them back but ... it's a fucking ...

  • Cant u just get over it?

  • Ay,if he did once to you,why would anyone smart enough,go again to him and beg him for the same thing,senseless.

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    Locked. Report cancelled.