DayZ ChangeLog.

  • The Pink Squad

    Change Log
    [06/09/17] Added Spike Trap, along with Box of Spikes, Blueprints Spike Trap.
    [06/09/17] Updated decimal with new items.
    [06/09/17] Changed ping kicker to 400.
    [06/09/17] Added more vehicles; Mountain bike, Burrito, Shamal, Willard, Firetruck Ladder, Rancher
    [07/09/17] Updated Decimal with new vehicles.
    [09/09/17] Fixed backup not saving some items in tents.
    [09/09/17] Changed pick kicker to 500 and changed warnings from 2 to 5.
    [18/09/17] Rescripted Zombie boss script. Edited Accounts.lua
    [24/09/17] Fixed issue with bone attach outputting a billion error messages.
    [24/09/17] Disallowed placing of tents in restricted area.
    [24/09/17] Fixed bugs with zombieboss.
    [11/10/17] Added base protection
    [11/10/17] Added shops
    [11/10/17] Added base manager script
    [11/10/17] Reworked humanity
    [11/10/17] Added a respawn command for all vehicles.
    [24/10/17] Added display names on gps, for gang members.
    [30/10/17] Zombie boss update: Added health bar for zombie boss.
    [31/10/17] Zombie boss bug fixes.

  • The Pink Squad

    [18/09/17] Zombie Boss Update/fix

    Zombie Boss, will only be spawned once you visit the island and he will only be able to spawn 12 hours after the spawn time.

    Zombie Boss now give out a total of 20,000 ZG If there are multiple players within the kill zone the zg will be distributed amongst all players.

    When Zombie boss has spawned all objects and dead bodies will be cleared off the island.

  • The Pink Squad

    [24/09/17] Disallowed placing of tents in restricted area.

    Due to the tents collision area being not where the model is, there were issues with people blocking entrances into area by abusing this bug.

    So this fix was necessary to prevent further abuse of the bug.

    if getZoneName(x,y,z) ~= "Restricted Area" then

    added code to core.lua

  • The Pink Squad

    [24/09/17] Fixed bugs with zombieboss

    • Fixed bug with players remaining frozen after zombieboss activates teleport ability.
    • Fixed bug where if two or more players entered the island col at the same time it would cause an issue with zombie boss spawn.
    • Added when and if all players are killed by zombieboss, the boss will reset allowing for players to come back and take a second shot at it. instead of waiting 12 hours for it to spawn again.

  • The Pink Squad

    [11/10/17] Multiple updates


    Added shops in dillamore, consists of 3 types of shop.

    • Survivor shop, baseline prices
    • Bandit Shop 20% increase in buy prices, and 20% decrease in sale prices
    • Hero Shop 20% Decrease in buy prices and 20% increase in sale prices.
    costTable= {
    	{"Wood Pile",200},
    	{"Water Bottle",150},
    	{"Pasta Can",120},
    	{"Beans Can",120},
    	{"Box of Matches",50},
    	{"Hunting Knife",250},
    	{"Soda Bottle",200},
    	{"Empty Gas Canister",750},
    	{"Full Gas Canister",1000},
    	{"PDW Mag",500},
    	{"MP5A5 Mag",2000},
    	--{"Tear Gas",10000},
    	{"M1911 Mag",400},
    	{"M9 SD",350},
    	{"M9 SD Mag",400},
    	{"Desert Eagle",1700},
    	{"Desert Eagle Mag",2000},
    	{"Medic Kit",1200},
    	{"Heat Pack",750},
    	{"Blood Bag",1000},
    	{"Wire Fence",1000},
    	{"Infrared Goggles",1800},
    	{"Night Vision Goggles",1500},
    	{"Raw Meat",400},
    	{"Cooked Meat",600},
    	{"Army Clothing",1250},
    	{"Ghillie Suit",2500},
    	{"Civilian(Male) Clothing",750},
    	{"Civilian(Female) Clothing",900},
    	{"Survivor Clothing",400},
    	{"Empty Water Bottle",75},
    	{"Empty Soda Cans",25},
    	{"Scruffy Burgers",10},
    	{"Radio Device",1300},
    	{"Baseball Bat",700},
    	{"Tank Parts",2400},
    	{"Golf Club",990},
    	{"Radio Device",1300},
    	--{"Parts I (RS Device)",50000},
    	--{"Parts II (RS Device)",35000},
    	--{"Blueprints (RS Device)",20000},
    	--{"RS Device",120000},
    	--{"Spray Paint (Pink)",2000},
    	{"Spray Paint (Red)",1000},
    	{"Spray Paint (Green)",1000},
    	{"Spray Paint (Blue)",1000},
    	{"Spray Paint (White)",1500},
    	{"Spray Paint (Black)",1500},
    	{"Spike Trap",12000},
    	{"Blueprints (Spike Trap)",5000},
    	--{"Coyote Backpack",6000},
    	{"Alice Pack",3500},
    	{"Czech Backpack",5000},
    	{"Assault Pack (ACU)",1300},
    	{"Box of Spikes",7000},
    	{"M4A1 Holo",4500},
    	--{"MK 48 Mod 0",10000},
    	--{"AKS Gold",25000},
    	{"SA-58V ACOG",7000},
    	{"Winchester 1866",2500},
    	{"SPAZ-12 Combat Shotgun",4000},
    	{"Sawn-Off Shotgun",2700},
    	{"Mosin 9130",6000},
    	{"SVD Dragunov Camo",8000},
    	{"AKS-74U Mag",4000},
    	{"1866 Slug",3000},
    	{"2Rnd. Slug",3000},
    	{"SPAZ-12 Pellet",4250},
    	{"M4A1 Holo Mag",5000},
    	--{"MK 48 Mod 0 Mag",15000},
    	{"MG36 Mag",6000},
    	{"PKP Mag",5000},
    	{"AK-107 Mag",4000},
    	--{"AKS Gold Mag",15000},
    	{"SA-58V ACOG Mag",5500},
    	{"DMR Mag",7000},
    	--{"AS50 Mag",75000},
    	{"CZ550 Mag",6500},
    	{"Mosin 9130 Mag",4200},
    	{"M24 Mag",8000},
    	--{"M107 Mag",120000},
    	{"SVD Dragunov Camo Mag",7500},
    	{"KVSK Mag",11000},
    	{"SKS-45 Mag",6000},

    Base protection

    If you walk into a base that you're not allowed to you'll be killed nothing too complex. In the future will add a system where you can allow certian players into your base of your choosing.

    Base Manger Script

    just admin shit basically. Main functionality of this is the warning system that will be used for punishing players, if your base exceeds 3 warnings it will just turn off your base resource.

    Reworked humanity

    Humanity stays with you upon death.

  • The Pink Squad

    Vehicle respawns

    Vehicle respawns will happen every 2 weeks, it will be done through a command

  • The Pink Squad

    Display Names

    Added display names to map, when you press f11 along with the blip you can see the name of the player.

    Created by @EstrategiaGTA

  • The Pink Squad


    Zombie Boss Update

    Health bar added to zombie boss, is visible when you are within the target range of the zombieboss.


  • The Pink Squad


    Zombie boss update bug fixes

    There were some bugs where the zombie boss would regain its blood back to full, when you went to certain parts of the hanger, this has been fixed.
    Also instead of the health bar updating every 2 seconds, it will update for all clients when the zombieboss has been shot.