• There is a guy called dybala he told me that he will give me a jester for 100 dollars if i give him my flash + nrg but he didnt keep his word (i lied that i have a ss then he return me my nrg) i asked him to return my nrg then he began to say no he ask me to give him 100k for the nrg and he even told that he wil ask his cousin enzo to ban me

  • This player is banned but he changed his name to dybala running from the ban and i know who he is. I think he deserve another ban.

  • He did return my flash and nrg but i personally think he must be punished

  • Thanks to me, I was able to find his new name and contact him and find that he actually stole from Villain. I asked him kindly to return it, and that's it. As you said he returned it already, so why punish him? He yes did scam you, but he returned them.

  • The Pink Squad

    @verni He returned them cause he didn't want to get punished.
    You wouldn't revoke someones punishment just because they're willing to give back what they've stolen.

    "I got caught shoplifting it's alright, even if I get caught I can just return it going away skotch free."

  • Well, do whatever you want, it's just my opinion.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Administrators

    We have warnings for this in the server. If you want to do trades like this, make sure you exchange your items for a high price, so that trades are always fair.

    It's not our job to stop him.