I hope the happy of the uniforms officials are here

  • Banned

    -In-game name: #Leader.

    -Serial: 32288A123D4F22DE3C14C10D6A336EA3

    -Server: Game.net

    -When: 9-9-2017

    -How long: Today

    -Reason: I'm really wrong but I am sorry, but my account is with someone else. He was talking. I was not abusive in the server, but I am not, and I want to unban. I am with me nervous and please open the game. Please.

    -Ban duration: Permend

    -Name you were banned under: #Leader

    -Who banned you: I do not know who did it

    -Your ban message you got: I insulted the serpent and not the outfit I did

    -A good reason why we should unban you: I am very sorry for all

  • The Pink Squad

    @Senior I don't get why he was banned? He didn't advertise, all he said was that he's going to make a server and fuck gamenet.

    Don't see how that warrants a permanent ban at all. First of he didn't even advertise the server's ip, all he said he was going to make one. And insulting the server? Afaik Gamenet has no feelings.

  • Banned

    Please, I am not an actor in this problem, my friend was the costume, but this is not what I'm asking. I want to solve this problem. I am wronged in this matter.

  • @hex You need to learn arabic to understand the report which was made in #leader, I'll translate it better so you can understand.

  • Hello Leader,

    In this report:https://forum.gamenet.ga/topic/181/report-leader-viper-is-called-to-another-server-but-he-refuses

    The screenshot shows that you are saying you are creating a new server and inviting another player to join it which is not allowed for sure and goes under the "Advertisement" rule maybe some of the staff members will not understand the screenshot but some of them will understand it especially the one who speaks arabic, Any one of the staff team will not wait you and give a chance to create your server and invite players from our server to yours Also you are saying that you wasn't using the account that moment and another person was using it, That goes under your responsibility, We deal with the account not the person using it,
    so I think a permanent ban is a fair punishment for you.


    @Hex "جاي" means, Will you join?
    Which means he's inviting a player from our server to his server and that goes under the "Advertisement" rule.

  • Banned

    I want justice only, but do not do wrong but please I just want a little thought

  • The Pink Squad

    @senior Stupid fucking logic. If they're banned from gamenet. That will incline them to make another server. You caused gamerzzone to resurface are you going to cause another one?

  • @hex How they will incline them to make another server without reaching the server, It's simply shining and you know rules what goes under the "Advertisement" rule has it punishment what are you keep talking about??

  • Banned

    Senior I did not do anything but declare that Viper wanted to give me another service, but I was confused, and I told him that there was another service that was meant, but he told him that they said what is meant by insulting the server, because I keep the laws here and this is the only mistake that I have done here. I am with me his gang and I do not want the destruction of my gang. I hope you will be strong, but I will burn my nerves. I am oppressed in this. Please, Senior and Hex

  • The Pink Squad

    @senior He hasn't made the server "yet", as far as I'm concerned he's done nothing wrong. As the server doesn't exist yet. But if he's banned he has no choice other than to make a server like gamenet to play on. But apparently, nobody understands that. It's like me banning you for mentioning a fake server. It's stupid and not even worth the ban, you banning players for this just remove people from gamenet and look for a server like it. Hence why GamerZzone got so popular since staff banned about 15 serials so that's 15 people who are forced to find another server like RPG.

  • Global Moderator

    I'm just wondering why all the admins don't care about this ... there are situation where rules don't apply : be creative, i totally approve of @Hex 's argument and you gotta admit that, just why the fuck no admin comes in to stop this nonsense instead of keep going in when everything is clear...

  • Banned

    And because Viper says to me, I am sorry for me, and because of this irrigation, I have given him the uniform he presented before, because I am a Senior, so he will not understand this, and I said that I am sorry before, and I am wronged.

    Thank you all

  • @hex Inviting player doesn't go with rules that's what you don't understand, Even mentioning another server on our server as I know since i joined the team here that's not allowed and for sure staff members won't keeping banning players as you say without a reason.

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