Garage suggestion

  • This suggestion is based around how otto's is used, most people just their cars there for full price = 1$, At beginning i thought people did this so they still owned their cars but had them deposited somewhere. My suggestion is about adding a garage somewhere in SF where you can deposit your cars/bikes for a fee, say for example 90% of the cars cost so depositing an infernus would cost 50k. And retrieving them would be 95% of the cars' cost. Same using infernus as example, withdrawing it would cost 25k.

    This would be simple as for making a highest price limit at otto's, for example 20% of the cars cost. Guess it, infernus as example again! So the highest price an infernus could be listed for at otto's would be 400k. This 20% price limit would apply for every car, so lets take SuperGT wich is 250k, listing it for its highest price at otto's it would cost 200k.

    Adding this would remove all the cars from otto's that were put there just for depositing and it would add a reason for players to spend money

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    thats quite intelligent @ZetiX the first time i saw a real post about updating gamenet and making it more interesting but those lazy asses admins wont accept ur idea cuz they dont want to work hard they just wanna sit their asses on the chair and getting cash depositing into their bank account, sorry but i have to say the truth im seeing,this will probably get me banned or getting my reply comment deleted for some honesty or basiclly my opinion
    Just like batbot said
    "we wont ever see real updates :c''

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    batbot word hhh

  • The Pink Squad

    @jack-mcloghlin You're fucking retarded. Those very admins actually have a life, and don't need to spend their time updating server for a dying mod.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Administrators

    We have a resource js_garage that does exactly this!

    It's bugged.

  • Global Moderator

    jack since you're complaining as Jasper said we already have this resource but its bugged @Jack-mcloghlin wanna fix it?

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    I love how i get a nice complain then everyone gets random exuses to shut me up and its actually working 🙂