Beware of Fahd Alaa the traitor

  • Banned

    I hope that everyone will make a boycott of Fahad Alaa. He says he will do my best. I do not know how he wants me to go to his service and I do not agree with that.

    -Jazper does not break the ban Fahad Alaa wants to pick up two games from two servers and go to his service

    -I do not sacrifice, but I want to introduce you

  • Roleplay Cunts

    lemme tell you that
    shame on you,go kill yourself, and you are the big triator here, i saw you and fahd alaa and some cunts from our server all of you was admins in fahd server i joined with all_go_gamenet name, you warped me and freezed me and insulted gamenet in egyptian, i think you reported him cuz of he demoted you thats all, after that i got banned heh.

  • Banned

    -You do not have the right to talk to me this is not I am the person you are talking about and there are many members know that and Fahd Alaa who publishes me GamerLife and you do not have the right and I do not want your opinion in this report you are a dog alive do not understand anything I was talking with Jazper Ali Everything

    -I am sorry for all the members, but I disdained for what I feel that they have done me my humiliation

    -I have brought back some players to Ganymede Lanti stayed inside the GaminNet from 6 years or more and do not allow me to insult from the new one here you count everything you saw me
    Men Jazper are proud of my respect ❤

  • Administrators

    What are you trying to say?

  • Banned

    Jazper I want to say that Fahad Alaa tries as much as possible to join the players who find me and you do not know gaminet and more than a player goes to gambled in front of my eyes and swore I do not laugh at you, so all the officials know that I save on
    The decisions that you invoke are good and you brought back some of the players who went to him more than I wanted to find a solution with this traitor person Fahd Alaa

  • The Pink Squad

    @leader Please respond in arabic, so we can get someone who actually can translate to english properly. Google translate sucks.

  • Roleplay Cunts

    @Leader msg me what you want to say in arabic and i will translate it to you 😉
    my english also fucked up ;(