DayZ Situation

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    The server will be down for at least a week, the reason for this is the mass base glitching that has been occurring the past few days. In order to prevent any more items being stolen. We have made the decision to stop the dayz server.

    What will happen when dayz re-opens?

    We will have a big update for the dayz server, this will include the base issue being solved. What you can expect from this update;

    These are the updates that will definitely occur when the server reopens.

    • Solution of base glitching, either through base protection or internal base storage only accessible by base owners/members
    • Finishing of the base manager script, which will handle base warnings, resulting in enforcing of base rules.
    • Finishing the shop script, which will be split to 3 shops, one for hero, bandits and survivors. This will also most likely result in changes on how the current humanity system works.
    • Adding fortnight server wide vehicle respawns. A countermeasure for bases that are hoarding rare vehicles giving other players a chance to use them.

    Updates that may happen but are not at the top of the priority list.

    • new vehicles/spawns
    • new items
    • changes to db saving regarding vehicle colours.
    • more logging updates to help with ease of finding rule breakers.

  • Roleplay Cunts

    According to me
    What will happen when dayz re-opens?nothin we just showing ourselves to prove that we are alive (;
    These are the updates that will definitely occur when the server reopens:pants will have a bigger ass
    Updates that may happen but are not at the top of the priority list.nothin we just wanna make a long post for entertainement

  • The Pink Squad

    @jack-mcloghlin Honestly fuck off. Go be a retard somewhere else. The reason this post is here obvious. And no it has nothing to do with "showing ourselves alive!", like that even means anything. If you want to be a prick about it do it elsewhere.

    I'm simply updating the community on whats going to happen with dayz. First you be a little bitch and complain about "lack of updates in gamenet" and when I announce some, although not on rpg you be a little retard about it.

  • So when u will reopen the dayz server again

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    @NassimKiller I don't know if you are blind or just lazy but Hex clearly said for atleast 1 week and only 2 days passed

  • bases can be stolen from super man last time i can use super man

  • The Pink Squad

    @rayen They got stolen before that, and no they can't. And how would you even know you tried it? Hmm?

  • The Pink Squad

    Server is back
    Most of this shit is done
    Check the changelog for more info.