Internet problem's

  • Recently ive been having tons of connection problems, I time out a lot, My internet is down a lot, And most importantly i might time out when helping a new guy or flying. Why i made this topic is to notify that if i ever time out i will join right back in, If i dont i want any LA to help the guy i was helping, if there isnt any LA online i want one of the most fluent english speaking players to help them or play with them untill i come back. If i dont join the server for a full day expect im having my internet down. If this goes on several days on a row you know why i suddenly go inactive for no reason. That's all

  • Roleplay Cunts

    I had a bad net too and i did a ton of fixes and none worked until i reseted my router
    But do it at ur own risk cuz i had to call my net service worker after resseting and he showed me how to get the net on again and it took hours
    And BOOOOM! Its fixed

  • Resseting the router? pffff fuck that i need real technical fixes