Fix the spamm glitch!!!!

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    today i joined rpg after a while and i find this guy 'kemo' spamming the shit outta the server with /me,now i dont have an ss cuz it isnt working properly for some reason,anyways every spammer have a plan to spam server without getting muted
    which is whenever someone talks a word they spam 4 times then they wait for another word then they spam 4 more times and they keep going until falsely they write 5spams and get muted for 2mins
    u guuys need to fix this somehow @Hex @JasperNL_ @Zackary and else mods
    my suggestion is that u make the muting script just like dayz's which everytime u spam a bit even after someone says something u get muted
    Anyways,thats only a suggestion good luck finding a fix

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    For some reason, the mute system gets off when there's less than ten players.

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    @ross said in Fix the spamm glitch!!!!:

    For some reason

    The reason: I've been developing in my private server together with Head. Got annoyed by being muted every time I said something. So I've set a player count cap πŸ™‚
    I've set it at 10 because we sometimes had so many people in our test server.