Small Suggestions/Fixes

  • Global Moderator

    • Add Group Blip Names
      Rework Group System(Allowing Kick Inactive Members)
      Add Achievements (TheLast got our old Achivement script he said if you guys want it just ask)
      Reward for killing players
      Rework hide body (because sometimes you cant hide) or just remove it
      Add DriveBy again (after all that's dayz huh? just fix the bug that nassim knows)
      Add a base management(like editing base permissions or smh be creative and think something it'll be cool to have as base management)
      Add a script controlling bases (this script will works like our old protection it'll tp the vehicle and you outside if you got full vehicles allowed)
      Hide vehicles names (giving players who haven't buy a base a chance to hide vehicles)
      Make Area51 like a Turf zone but instad of owning it you get ZG or smh for owning it till you leave area (Only works if +7 players online tho)
      Remove spawnpoints from area51 and make a stats requeriments to get into area zone like 1hs alive time or 2kills
      Disable vehicle dismantling in pink zone (Since johnny's vehicle engine was stolen in pinkzone xD)
      Add safezones in players spawnpoint only players with 0.00 to 0.05s alivetime can enter there and also vehicles cant enter this zone because it could be abused to store vehicles or smh

    That's all tell me if you agree or disagree on any idea and why and if they can be fixed or implemented @Hex @JohnnyEnglish @Ross @Rage @AZZI sorry if i didnt tag someone else but i dont remember who is staff there xD

  • The Pink Squad


    1. Added to do list
    2. Added to do list
    3. Not really sure about this one.
    4. Nope never.
    5. I looked into this before, there seemed to be nothing wrong with the code, I will look into it again.
    6. Again I can look into this. But I'm sure this is a problem to do with drive-by as a whole, not the script.
    7. Don't really know what you mean by this mind explaining other than saying "be creative".
    8. We have a base management system, but I don't want anything automatic as it can cause problems very easily.
    9. Don't get how removing vehicle names would change anything? Elaborate, please.
    10. No.
    11. There are no spawns in area51, and no.
    12. Sure, easy fix was an oversight. Added to list
    13. There is already a system against storing vehicles, if vehicles are there for 10minutes it will get auto-unlocked and anyone can take it.

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    I went to Pink zone landed my heli then was selling stuff when some Czech nigga comes dismantles my heli engine sells it and runs away on his Sanchez ;_;

    What do you say to a spawn weapon like PDW/MP5A5
    It'll help in spawn point campers 😮

  • Roleplay Team

    1- Sounds good.
    2- Mind explaining? You already can kick members of your group whom you think are inactive, how do you mean with this?
    3- Details, please?
    4- This is DayZ, you don't really get any rewards for killing players. In fact, you get some loot when you kill a player. Beside that, can be easily abused.
    5- idk tbh
    6- Drive-by is quite retarded on GTA:SA. You cannot shoot whoever is inside a vehicle when they're drive-by'ing you easily, so yeah... If someone can improve it, I don't see why not.
    7- Explain please.
    8- @Hex stated already.
    9- Explain please.
    10- Can be abused easily as well.
    11- Again, this is DayZ, I don't find a point behind disallowing players with low alive hours, or zombie kills, etc. from going to a certain place. You don't have to kill everybody you see on DayZ, else it will not be realistic and going completely far from the point behind the gamemode itself, so no.
    12- Yes.
    13- Kinda confusing, explain?

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    @rage said in Small Suggestions/Fixes:

    2- Mind explaining? You already can kick members of your group whom you think are inactive, how do you mean with this?
    3- Details, please?
    7- Explain please.
    9- Explain please.
    13- Kinda confusing, explain?

    2- You can't kick players if they are offline you just can kick online players.

    3- Players-Staffs who played in the previous gamemode might know about Achievements panel made by Vincent you earn ZG for complete em, TheLast still got this panel if you want it just ask him

    7- like Allowing some players entering in your base without getting killed also choose if you want him enter with guns or without guns, etc idk whats possible thats why I said smh creative

    9- By hiding their names you can hide em easily into some maps objects , in some bush, tree or somthing xD

    13- a safezone in player spawnpoints(fresh spawn) only people with 00:00 - 00:04 seconds alive time can enter there so it isnt abusable, also vehicles cant enter into this zone!