To-do list before bringing DayZ Back

  • Administrators

    Things to edit in the original gamemode:

    Damage Values - Melee Weapons - done
    Backpack Sizes - done
    Inventory Spaces - done
    Spelling Corrections - done
    New Vehicle Spawns - done
    Loot Spawns for Area 52 - done
    Separating the map files from gamemode and adding to a separate resource.
    Adding new clothing - done
    Renaming Camouflage Clothing to Army Clothing. - done
    Editing Zombie's Health -done

    List of vehicles to be added

    Sandking - Already added
    Dodo - Already Added.

    Extra Resources

    Fixing HUD/Creating a new HUD Version. - done by Mann

    Server Files to be edited
    Access Control List (ACL)
    Creating a .zip of every compressed files

    Extra things to do

    Pick a few lads for Staff (It will be based on applications to see if you're capable of being into the Staff. Votes won't be biased and will be hidden for the current Staff to choose.)
    Check a suitable hosting to run the server (Already solved.)
    Pick Owner/s and Manager/s (Already solved.)
    Construct a Staff Hierarchy
    Create Rules

  • Administrators

    Added more vehicle spawns

  • Administrators

    Weapon Ammo's Tweaked:
    Mosin 9130 Mag 30 > 10
    AS50 Mag 10 > 5
    M107 Mag 5 > 10
    KSVK Mag 15 > 5
    Dragnuv Mag 25 > 10
    DMR Mag 5 > 20
    M24 Mag 10 > 5
    CZ550 Mag 10 > 5

    Grenade removed - due to potentially dupe bugs causes with explosions.

  • Administrators

    Bodies despawn timer changed from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.
    Player name tags added - done by Mann
    Bikes are invulnerable to dmg.

    added new items
    Spray can (Pink)
    Spray can (Red)
    Spray can (Green)
    Spray can (Blue)
    Spray can (White)
    Spray can (Black)

  • The Pink Squad

    Rescripted Airdrop resource.
    Edited Radar script, to allow for an item to hide from radar(This item will comprise of 3 parts and be crafted - item to be added)

    Items added
    RS Device - if equipped you won't be visible on the radar.
    crafting materials for RS device needs a toolbox also but is not consumed

    • Blueprints (RS Device)
      Parts I (RS Device)
      Parts II (RS Device)

  • The Pink Squad

    Scripted Anti Combat log script.
    -Kills player upon logging.
    -Drops player body upon quitting.