#Report by #cloD

  • Banned

    Offender name: Barcelona and Dominic

    Type of offense: insulting my mom and Father

    Who is offended: #Clod

    Server: Rpg

    Date and time (with timezone): 7/8/2017

    Description: insulting my mom dont talk him I do not do anything

    Evidence(Video, Image): i hade image


  • Apparently, you reported the whole server, alright?
    I am sure they wouldn't insult you without anything.
    As you said in a different report, that you insult'em because they insult you, didn't you say that? Well, in that case, we cannot do anything about it since you decided to take revenge by your own self without having to report'em first.

    I am not sure if I can ban them without having to know the story.
    I'll be waiting to know what exactly happened.

  • The Pink Squad

    Locked again.