3 AM Stories from DayZ

  • The following stuff was all seen in 2:50 to 3:20 AM Tonight

    Basically, i was in bed, and got bored as shit.
    I thought to myself "Hey, would be a good idea to play some DayZ!"

    It was

    Server was empty. I went to loot area to get some good loot, but all i got was 4 SA-58V ACOG. Everything else was either MG-36 or PKP

    I went over to satcom, thinking i might find a KVSK as i've done before
    And guess what


    I hate this game.

    -Fast Forward 10 minutes later-

    I go to Area 52 (Crack Place in LS)

    And what i see is THIS THING

    alt text

    Anyways, i found another PKP in there.

    -Fast Forward 2 minutes-

    I go over to the High Building at LS for some reason

    ( @Makanaski knows what im talking about and remembers this thing lmfao )

    ( Please dont mind the chat i got lonely as shit )
    alt text

    That Blue Heli is there as i tried to retrieve the red one.

    Well that's the shit you see at 3 AM boys.

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    Fk you XDDDD

    I sacrificed for the team you cunt :v

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    LOL 3am challenges are real! xD

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