I need password reset, please help!

  • I need a password reset but I can't find where I can post this topic since you guys updated the forum, so I've posted it here and I'm sorry if I've made a mistake. I have all the essential information about the account, please somebody help me.

  • The Pink Squad

    Its fine.
    So do you know the account name?
    Can you also send your serial that is attached to the account you can get this by pressing f8 and typing serial in the console
    Also proof that the account is infact yours.

  • @hex 0479528D8C3402093E49DB778D81A8B3 this is my serial but i reinstalled windows since the last time i was on role play server. Now im playing as "maus".
    My account name that needs a pw rs is Victor[Corleone], I have a black turismo and a black sultan, my skin was triad mafia guy in a black suit and I was Corleone Family gang member. I don't remeber money, gexp, exp or so. I maybe had about 300gexp and 100-150K money, most of the time i worked as a taxi driver if that means someting...

  • The Pink Squad

    @victor-corleone I have changed your password and sent it to you on forum pm.
    You can change the password I set by using /chgmypass ingame.