The issue with the non-english speakers

  • Why not make it so only English can be spoken in the chat?
    Or add language-channels so for example
    You can choose a language-channel, and speak that language there only?

    That'd be an amazing feature in DayZ too!

  • i think “local chat” , “team chat” and “Radio” enough for that.

  • Please make this a thing in rpg

  • @death Not all non-english speakers are in one team jeez

  • Roleplay Cunts

    @ZetiX what the problem with you with arabs, dude why you act with mods arabs like good guy and normal arabs like a real cunt, if you stop this that will be better i think, also rpg isnt like dayz rpg like freedom tho talk any language you want annoy people do what you want but in dayz theres more simple rules 😉 ,
    and im not judging you :3

  • Arab mods know how to respect people they know the rules, most arab players either dont know to speak english or insult a fuckton, i insult a fuckton too but they do it without reason thats why

  • Roleplay Cunts

    i feel you, you want make all arabs talk english and make them stop insulting n annoying others first they called arabs and i'm arabic cuz we talk arabic so take as example helorz your friend he cant talk english but he dont make problems like arabs nvm, look at the bright side zetix do like me and what all do, dont play game for serious,dont care bout not your friends ignore them. care about your friends and enjoy 🔖

  • i didnt understand 1 bit lol also helorz knows english to keep out for himself