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  • LOL anyway Rage if you are mad when i told you Stfu and u used your Mod Powers and Perma banned me with HACKING as a reason because you cant do anything for me only using mod powers lol LMFAO anyway am asking the Admin to read and tell me what he think about this.

  • Roleplay Cunts

    idk what happend all i know is mods and admins are serious and doesnt care really for idiots like u or litterly any player stupid enough until u do something then blame it on them cuz u told them somethin bad?
    i can only imagine this post going to a big argument
    @Rage any comments?

  • Global Moderator

    Nassim, If you're reporting please use the format in report section, If you are asking for unban please use the format in Unban appeals section, Thanks you.

  • Nassim, i mean. You could provide more information on why you said STFU to him.

  • Yes Kanna i said Stfu bcz i was angry and lol then Perma banned its not fair man .

  • Roleplay Team

    Why don't you provide the whole story and probably chat log? You are just saying I banned you permanently because you said "Stfu" which is quite poor reason to accuse me of being abusive. I'm considering this a staff report, therefore this will be locked and you can go to the reports section to report me with the right format.
    @Hex do your thing please.

  • Okey rage enjoy playing there enjoy boys

  • @Rage Miku told me that he was also warping/teleporting at your vehicle? Is that true?

    @NassimKiller You deserve it.

  • The Pink Squad

    @Rage @NassimKiller @JohnnyEnglish, Apparently what happened here was Nassim "warping" to rages vehicle? Nassim mind explaining how you got to them. Also Johnny said that he saw this bug before but it @John had done it and appeared on his dodo? I'm not really sure what went on but a detailed explanation from both parties would be nice.

  • Administrators

    Rage driving around
    Nassim reconnected spawned right on Rage's car's hood then reconnect again and poof. Not there.
    Happened when I was flying dodo and john suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of my plane causing it to crash land however he didn't seem surprised, almost content thereby drawing me to the conclusion that there is some trick behind this warp

  • Lol 😂 never just tell me. How the fuck cani teleport talk logic guys hex they only want me out of the server lets start with Rage why he hates me and maybe want me out bcz i killed him with 25 Hour on and about jhony cuz i take his bullets before .

  • Roleplay Cunts

    @Hex he did it to me once like a long time ago when i was still in KillOrDie gang
    when he connected he spawned on my flash causing it to relieve Black smoke and almost blowing Until i got out of the car and trying to shoot him then he disconnected
    that was the weirdest thing ive ever seen and i didnt report it cuz i though it was something that had to do with lag

  • Roleplay Team

    If you really think I banned you for killing me when I had 25 hours alive, then you need serious and immediate help. If you also think we ban people for killing us or something, then honestly you are mentally sick. Why would Hex want you banned from DayZ? Is he so retarded to ask me to ban you for hacking? You are not the only smartass here, kid.

    What proves my point here is, you still haven't explained the whole situation but you're just throwing insults at me and Hex for no reason, or maybe because your cover was blown. In matter of funny fact, I got a report against you like 4 weeks ago maybe that you were teleporting to other players, which still proves my point here.

  • @NassimKiller first off.
    @JohnnyEnglish knew that @Hex will respawn the cars, so Johnny didn't really care.
    We got them back.
    You are one of the most hated players in DayZ, which makes you a person who has no defenders, except for your friends at BR.
    You guys are constantly breaking rules, even when a Mod or an Admin is on.
    Let me point out reasons you are hated
    Insults in other languages, or just insults in English.
    Doesn't really speak English in global when even mods and admins are on, @Rage knows what I'm talking about.
    You are a notorious combat logger.
    You never do proper reports.
    You always trashtalk no matter who you trashtalk.
    You in general, are a big cunt.
    Thinking you're better than anyone else.Pathetic Tunisian twat.
    You tell a twelve year old that he's a kid. Good Job, Sherlock!

  • The Pink Squad

    This is getting out of hand. From what I've established is that this is a bug and not a hack. As such you'll get unbanned. If you are seen doing this bug again you'll be banned for 2 weeks, etc.

    @NassimKiller @Rage