[i] Ambassador Profile : Mierda


    Ingame name : Mierda
    Date of joining :T.B.D
    Current position : None.
    Other embassy/mod records : None
    Warn's : 1 warning.
    Rule's broken : None
    State : Removed.

  • Administrators

    First warning:
    Issued by: Ross.
    Reason of the warning: General Inactivity. Needs to be more active if you want to keep your rank. Keep in mind this Inactivity warning is issued two times, and the second time is a straight demotion without any sort of warning.
    Can be removed: Yes.

  • Administrators

    Issued by: Ross.
    Reason of the removal: General Inactivity. Little to no interest in Embassy.
    Blacklisted: No.
    Can apply again after: N/A.