Some Good Suggestions

  • Roleplay Cunts

    i came out with some suggestions will make a bit fun into rpg it needs some good scripters tho xd

    • Make the Whole Desert In Map enabled with Driveby function (from area to the beach of abounded airport) also the place of driveby mode enabled on it got yellow square
    • Add Challangs Section it will be in ls near gun shop building also its got so small Greenzone , Hows that section works?
    • Step.1: You go into the marker and you will see the players list
    • Step.2: You click on the player with left click of mouse to see the challange type
    • PvP1: warp you into another deminstion to fight. PvP2: warp you into any place you pin on map. Driveby Fight warp you into desert with 4 cars into desert. Another Challange:
      Derby Challange: warp you into derby maps arround the map that you guys made.
      Derby1: monster Derby Ring road map Derby2: normal derby map (near events place). Derby3: normal derby map near event place made by pile
    • Step.3: after choose the challange type The another player you have send the invite to will get the msg Accept Or Decline and the player with challange type and the challange map.
    • AntiAbuse: add system or add into player menu (M) Disable challanges, if you do that no one can send challange to you (your color will get darkness into challange section)
    • Add Binco arround the map
    • Add packbacks into shop (not showing if you use em just changing your inventory style)
      Packback1: Dayz Style price : 100k +more 5 slots
      Packback2: pubg Style Price : 200k + more 10 slots
    • Add Vests Shop into ls to buy special vests (if you use the vests its showing in your body)
      Suggestion Goals: Add some use For ls and desert and add more things to shop, also new challange section to make a bit fun into game
      Notice : Sorry if my english bad 😭
      ill mention the guys i know good at script to tell them something @Hex @Zackary @Kha_lil he dont open forum tell him in wsp... @JasperNL @Joba also any another smod/admin good at script you guys can just be all at one time make server under maint... for like 1 day you will done that in 3 hours if you all together working :3 if you want dont do this suggestion like almost all suggestion rpg will be boring 😞

  • Roleplay Cunts

    too bad we have some lazy/busy/inactive/ Moderation team and not much good scripters in gamenet so we may need some support from outside i think.

  • @Jack-Spedicey and we have some retarded players too

  • rekt

  • Roleplay Cunts

    guys thats fucking suggestion.....

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  • The Pink Squad

    @jack-spedicey If you have nothing good to say just fuck off please. RPG just got an update a couple weeks ago. Which is still being worked on to add more items.


    The reason we don't have drive by in the first place is the many bugs associated it with it. The main one being the person doing an actual drive-by does not take damage, well at least that was the case @DayZ not to sure about rpg, but Im sure its the same.

    Your pvp idea sounds interesting, I wanted to make something similar to this for a while.

    I won't be adding backpacks for the inventory system at the moment the current 18 slots and 5 of each type of item allowed seems sufficient especially with the limited amount of items that are currently in but it may come about later.

    Adding vests/anything to your character that is visible and not on a CJ skin is a pain to do not to mention it will increase the download size with adding models in the first place.

    And you're underestimating how long adding something is in the first place if it was only a day's work to add a fuck ton of updates we wouldn't have a problem with updating gamenet.