Embassy Rules

  • Here the embassy rule's can be found. These might be changed/removed. New rule's might also be added depending on what happens

    The golden rule: Show respect to all other members of embassy and diffuse tasks asked from superiors.

    1. One month of inactivity turns your Activity log to M.I.A. If you last one week in M.I A. You have to show activity or write an inactivity report. If you dont you will be demoted.
    2. Misbehaving, as of insulting,treating bad new players, will lead to a warn.
    3. Embassy members have to act perfectly in the server, they have to be an example for all other players.
    4. Never ignore a new player, or you will get a warn. Ask for help if there is alot.
    5. If you are trying to help a new player and he doesn't respond just spawn him your car and let him explore, never shout on them.
    6. Even if you act trolly, you should act with seriousity while you are meant to.
    7. Don't stay AFK for too long, new players may spawn and you will get warn. Stay safe.
    8. If you timed out while helping a player come as soon as possible to get him back of inform another LA to help him instead of you.