New idea for an kind of event.

  • Hello pals'.
    I've been thinking for a while of an "cool" thing to add into the server,it's needless to be scripted or anything.
    So let me explain u.
    It's about adding like "UFC" thing to the Boxing event,

    • We have ladder like best 16 -> best 8 -> best 4 -> AND FINALS
      Who enters the finals,and wins the first place,he gets the "UFC belt" and he gets some amount of cash,I need to mentoin that there would be awards for 1st,2nd and the 3rd place,
    • A guy which wins the finals , takes the best fighter of the month medal.
    • Whoever beats the "fighter of the month" gets some bigger reward and he takes the "UFC belt".
    • Also I would choose the "MVP of the year" which gets the biggest reward (cash or something).

  • i want the teamwars server back

  • The Pink Squad

    You basically want to host a tournament, I mean it's a good idea in theory but I doubt the players have the brain capacity to complete or even start one in the first place.

  • Roleplay Cunts

    Great idea hopefully it doesnt get abused by anyone since our player base always looks for holes in these new shit to get some illegal cash

  • Global Moderator

    good luck hosting it.