Report against Mr.Underpants

  • Offender name: Mr.Underpants
    Type of offense: Trying to kill a person who is sleeping in SF and actually killing that person.
    Who is offended: Kanna
    Server: RPG
    Date and time (with timezone): 15.12.17 around 12 AM to 1:30 PM
    Description: Tries to kill me by spawning his black car and white stuntplane, which causes an explosion (seen in pics, the way he spawned them) and he killed himself. For some reason, if a person touches a car that later exploded and someone dies, it shows this as an example:
    KannaKamui 🔥 Mikusama and then Pants actually kills me. (Seen in pics.)
    Evidence(Video, Image):

  • Roleplay Cunts

    ok usefull report 100%, bruh are you kidding me i got pictures that you are mocking/swearing/acting like full tard. on arab guys and adding country problems and allah
    mock that one allahu suckbar, so you can get 1 week ban maybe i dont decide the time but just guess. @Kanna AND STOP ENTERING ME IN YOUR KID PROBLEMS PLS PLS PLS the hell thats so annoying. also @Ross kanna want your help in this ban YES BAN ME FOR THIS REASON.

  • Listen up. You don't deserve to be LA. You don't act mature, yes I did joke around with your country and Arabic shit and Allah. But I mean, I'm only joking. Look at your reply and look at mine. Who did it better?

  • Roleplay Cunts

    @Kanna you know what even is LA ? LA is about helping people and act cool with them, just how much swears you did to me and im saying to you ok kanna, i joined today and went afk for like 30min and i saw in f8.... PANTS COME OUT FROM GZ YOU FUCKTARD FAGGOT ARABIAN CUNT. and all of this johny was there, also thats not jokes, we was doing jokes before when you was new in dayz but now no, i told you to stop and i say to you thats not allowed, banable, and you pants are you trying to scare me ?, so yeah. and you should change the gang thingy 'nuke iraq' , also im done with this post ill ignore it. also you are not who decide if i deserve la or no.

  • La - Languagae Ambassador
    I never called you a "FUCKTARD FAGGOT ARABIAN CUNT"
    I called you a "FUCKTARD FAGGOT".
    But get the insults out of question.
    If an LA does the shit I reported you for, should he really be a LA?

  • Roleplay Cunts

    SOOOOOO, saying ok to people sweared you and your country not polite now, chasing people and killing them and calling people faggots and gays is polite, and i just saw you saying when i hate someone i cant stop hating him, you are just chasing me, annoying me let me annoy you and report me and i get demoted nice tactics bro, and when johny joins game and saying : BRO WHY ARE YOU CHANGED WHY YOU FUCKED UP EVERYTHING OMGGGGGGGG..... IMISS OLD PANTS, you just dont miss me dude its kanna's plan, so yeah if i get demoted from my rank ill keep helping people and stay what am i

  • I remember when we were in victim. You weren't that retarded. I miss it when you were actually a good teammate, a person you'd have fun talking with. Now you're just another cunt.

  • Roleplay Cunts

    Guys fuck both of You
    Stop acting childish and be friends again stop arguing we dont want more drama above all the one we have in gamenet

  • Administrators

    +1 jack

  • Embassy High Rank Team

    Since when you guys hate each others? We used to play 24/7 on DayZ together? what is going on ?

  • We can see that u were insulting him,so he wanted to take a "revenge" on you,why are u crying about it now?
    Come on guys..

  • Administrators

    @Death, @Mann @John decision please.

  • unexpected attitude from professional LA, this is going against embassy rules,but this time we will just warn, also we don’t want to see another report to any LA again , and if we notice a bad behavior or report like that, this will put your rank in a problem.

  • The Pink Squad

    @Ross this isn't even an embassy report. If it is it's in the wrong section. If the embassy wants to do something cause of this report go ahead.

    This seems like two people fighting rather than a proper report of any kind. "Trying to kill me while I'm asleep". Like wtf? Solve your issues with each other elsewhere forums is not for that.