Gamenet Embassy Rules

  • Administrators

    • The Golden Rule

    This one is the most important rule. Treat everyone as you wish you want to be treated. We use that rule to ensure the Embassy makes all of our players feel comfortable in the server, which is important to make everyone enjoy the gameplay. As soon as you follow this rule, we can assure you we can have a better server by having the Embassy to be one of the most important tools of helping.

    • Ambassadors Behavior

      • Ambassadors are not supposed to have a toxic attitude towards Staff, Players and other Ranks. We need complete respect towards other ranks, but then we can't afford having the opposite band to be insulting, or harassing Ambassadors.
      • Trolling, Insulting, or showing hate towards your fellow teammates is strictly forbidden. Everyone should get along with everybody so we make sure everyone does their job as it should be done without any sort of issue.
      • You should be an example to follow for lower ranks than you (i.e Seniors to Ambassadors, Ambassadors to Trials). You should advise them with better techniques to help people, correct small mistakes they do, and make them better helpers. Acting rude to lower ranks won't help for anything, as they gonna feel they're being annoying towards you, so you should be patient and help them to be better Ambassadors.
      • Helping in the server is your main task as an Ambassador. Scamming new players, misleading them to do incorrect stuff, or having them to do stuff against the rules is strictly forbidden, and it's considered as trolling. As soon as you break this rule, you receive a proper punishment without any sort of warning.
      • Pay attention. New Players are easy to get found in the server, so we need you to help them as soon as you can, and give him the proper attentions they need to make them feel comfortable in the server. If by any reason they can't speak English, then ask your fellow mates for help. If you're unable to communicate with the new player, try to do your best to find a way, such as Google Translate, or calling a Staff.
      • Going inactive? Report it. We don't demand our Ambassadors to be active the entire day, but then we don't allow any Ambassador to be inactive without any sort of excuse. If you're going inactive because of a family vacation, exams, school, medical leave, or any sort of emergence, make sure to let any High Ranked Team about this so they can process your Inactivity Record. If you fail to do this, you might be facing a warning, or even a demotion.
      • You're not forced to help every time. You're allowed to take a rest for certain time, or whenever there are no players that requires help. But that doesn't mean you should be the entire day doing other stuff in the server and ignoring new players. Ambassadors caught doing this will receive a punishment.
      • It's not allowed for 2 ambassadors to help the same newbie, save your time helping another one, if any ambassadors caught doing this, both will receive a punishment.
      • Being inside of the Embassy does not guarantee you a position as a Staff of the server. Period. Being part of the Gamenet Embassy doesn't mean you're a step closer to get into the Staff. Staff is way too different from the Embassy, so if you have such thoughts, I prefer if you change your mind.
    • Other Rules

      • Staff in general, without any sort of exception aren't supposed to tell you what you should do, who you should help, and how you need to help. Only the High Ranked Team (Senior Ambassadors, Leaders and Overseers) are the ones supposed to tell you what you should improve, who you should help specifically and how you should react to certain situations. But take in mind that it doesn't mean that you should be bossy to Staff back. They can still report you if they see your attitude towards them is not of a formal Ambassador of the Embassy. Everyone should treat everyone equally, so we don't expect Ambassadors to have conflicts with Staff regarding misbehaviors caused by Staff, or Ambassadors respectively. Ambassadors are free to report Staff to their Overseers, so they can issue a punishment to the Staff breaking this rule.
      • Being an Ambassador is more than a privilege in the server, so using that rank to show it off to other people is not allowed. We need our Ambassadors to be serious at all times, and that sort of childish behavior is not accepted. Any Ambassadors caught doing so, no matter which rank it is, would get a proper punishment.
      • Staying Away from Keyboard in-game is disallowed. New players might spawn frequently and they might need someone to help them, so we can't afford having AFK players inside of the server because of this. If you're caught doing this, you'll receive a warning.
      • The Embassy Leader/Co-Leader is a rank that has a lot of responsibilities and tasks, such as picking up new members, making sure everyone follow the rules, maintain the Embassy in order, etcetera. The Leader/Co-Leader should always be acting professional as they're the most important part inside of Embassy. They're the ones that should be placing the example inside of Embassy, solving problems, helping Ambassadors in whatever they might need, and the list continues. We can't have a Leader misbehaving, acting indifferently, or acting like a complete child. So in any case they are not acting how they should, they might get a warning, or a straight demotion to any desired rank by one of the Overseers, depending on the level of the infraction they've committed. Being a Leader is important, so you should act mature at all times.