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    Posting a suggestion

    In this subforum you can post suggestions. It's supposed that you make one suggestion per topic.

    Before posting

    • Check if there is no duplicate post already. If it's something renewing, feel free to post. Mods can merge the topic anyway.


    Please use the following format. Replace [...] by the suggestion properties. Please copy-paste the format below and fill in the blanks. You can add additional sections or images to clarify your suggestion.

    # [name of suggestion]
    [description of suggestion]
    # Anti-abuse countermeasures
    [discuss how abuse (or any unbalanced effect) is prevented when this is implemented]


    • Comments are for discussion. Insulting is not permitted.
      • Comments not in line with rules are removed.
    • Discussions will only be closed when:
      • They are no suggestion, or can be considered bullshit;
      • They are duplicates;
      • To prevent war.

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    This topic will be opened for discussion.

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    I don't know if I must post the suggestion here but let's go xD
    That's not IG suggestion it is for formats Idk if you can do it also its not my idea( I saw it in another forum, No MTA Servers)

    [No more random reports]

    [Simple, add a format which you must fill it]

    Here's an example (Screenshot of the report forum)

    P.S: I am saying to make something similar not the same format.

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    @makanaski I think if you can't formulate a report correctly that you can't be taken serious to start with. Bad idea.

    Also you failed with this suggestion, because:

    1. You should've created a topic in this subforum
    2. You haven't removed the brackets.

  • I am very proud of myself to have seen a new subforum named "Suggestions" because I suggested it a year ago xd