LA Apply by Amir

    • What's your real name? (optional) :
      ~> My name is "Amir"

    • What's your nick in-game? :
      ~> My in_game name is "Mano"

    • How old are you? :
      ~> I am 17 years old.

    • Where are you from and what's your time zone? :
      ~> I am from Egypt .
      ~> My time zone is GMT+2

    • Have you ever been banned before? :
      ~> Yes, I have been banned before, but I really changed and I am trying to improve myself to a better player .

    • How many languages you speak ? Mention them on the scale of 10 :
      ~>I speak 2 langugaes which are Arabic and English
      *English : 8/10
      *Arabic 10/10

    • What's the GOLDEN RULE of the embassy?:
      ~> The GOLDEN RULE is ( "Treat everyone as you wish you want to be treated.
      We use that rule to ensure the Embassy makes all of our players feel comfortable in the server, which is important to make everyone enjoy the gameplay.")

    • Who's the Leader and the Co-Leader of the embassy? :
      ~>The Leader is : Death
      ~>The Co-Leader is : John

    • Have you ever been a member of the Embassy before? :
      I have never been a member of the Embassy team but I wish I can be one of them .

    • How many hours are you able to be online a day ? :
      ~> Iam able to be online for 5 hours a day .

    • Over the other applicants, why should we choose you? :
      ~> This is up to you ! I think you should accept me because I'm an old player and I am always active. I always feel happy and that I really changed to the better person when I help In the begging of my career in the server, I thought that I love wars, but I realised that I loved wars in the best server I have played in .
      That's why I think it's the time to do some efforts to help the new players and the players who need help and not to spend my time in wars . I am really ready to do my best . Anyway, it's up to you. and whatever your decision is I will always do my best to help 🙂
      Thanks for reading!
      Good luck for everyone!

  • Hello Mano,
    we are sorry to inform you that you are still in the embassy blacklist,,
    good luck next time.