Application for la by villain

    • What's your real name? (optional) : Ayush

    • What's your nick in-game? :Villain

    • How old are you? :16

    • Where are you from and what's your time zone? : Im from mauritius and time zone is gmt+4

    • Have you ever been banned before? : yes

    • How many languages you speak ? Mention them on the scale of 10 : English:8

    • What's the GOLDEN RULE of the embassy?: Treat everyone as you wish to be treated

    • Who's the Leader and the Co-Leader of the embassy? :Death and John

    • Have you ever been a member of the Embassy before? :No

    • How many hours are you able to be online a day ? : 2 hours

    • Over the other applicants, why should we choose you? : Because im very active and im friendly and i help players a most of the times

  • @Villain You are have leave ?

  • The Pink Squad


    Don't reply on other peoples applications. Pretty sure this was the main reason for moving away from forums to google forms plus to stop cut and paste.

    Locked till Embassy replies don't need people replying here when its not needed.