Ambassador Profile: Rauli


    Ingame name : Rauli.
    Date of joining : 22 January 2018.
    Current position : Normal Ambassador.
    Languages spoken : Georgian, Turkish, Azerbaijan, English.
    Other embassy/mod records : N/A.
    Warnings : 1 warning.
    Rules broken : N/A.
    Status : Dismissed.

  • Promotion Format:
    Issued by: High Rank Embassy Team.
    Rank to be promoted: Normal Ambassador.

  • Administrators

    Warning Format:

    Issued by: Ross
    Reason of the warning: To be kept to High Ranked, and the member whose warning was issued.
    Can be removed: Yes.

  • Embassy High Rank Team

    Removal Format:

    Issued by: High Ranked Embassy Team
    Reason of the removal: Toxic attitude. Undisciplined actions. Was warned multiple times, zero to no change at all
    Blacklisted: No
    Can apply again after: N/A

    edited by Ross