please unbanned

  • Banned

    In-game name: #Kemo^
    When:2017 11/26
    How long:permanent
    Reason:Evading Ban
    Ban duration:permanent
    Name you were banned under:#Kemo^
    Who banned you:Ross
    Your ban message y got:Evading Ban
    Reason for ban:Accidently unbannedhim
    my love server I am a band, wrong because I know that I have a server and I do not have servers, and people have insulted me. I was playing with respect. Please, be careful. Even if I worked, I had problems with surfer. I am sorry and I took my penalty. Even if the ban is broken, thank you for everything

  • Banned

    please admin @Ross @K3V1N unbanned Jaseper pls

  • K_emo owner server Gam****** no unban and delet acccount you

  • Roleplay Cunts

    @Yehia shut up your acc is deleted and you not unbanned good luck