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    This Post is regarding donations,
    If you want to donate to the server you can from here. We appreciate your help and would like to tell you that you get perks for Donating.
    The Donation Reward Table

    • For Every Euro donated, you get 40000 Zombie guts.

    • Upon a donation of 6 Euros or more you get a personal base with 5 vehicle slots. Base is for max 4 people (People who have access to your personal base do not necessarily have to be in your group) This base you can map on your own [However it shall be approved by the staff to prevent loss of fair-play]

    • On donating 10 euros or more, you get a group base with 12 vehicle slots. You are free to map your own base [However it shall be approved by the staff to prevent loss of fair-play]


    • For every extra 2 euros donated , you get 1 vehicle slot for your Group Base.
    • You can get a special "owner section" in your group base unaccessible by normal members if you donate additional 5 euros

    • For a donation of extra 10 euros, you get a special "group" weapon created for you which only spawns inside your base.

    NB! All purchases are individual, which means when you bought for example donator group base which is 10 euros you wont get 40000 zombie guts with it unless if you pay extra euro and notify staff.

    We thank you for your support.