Base Types And Prices

  • DayZ Team

    Here you can find info about bases in DayZ.

    Personal Base
    Cost: 350'000zg
    Vehicle Slots: 3
    Other Notes: For 2 players max, Mapped by staff team

    Donator Personal Base
    Cost: 6€
    Vehicle Slots: 5
    Other Notes: For 4 players max, Mapped by you

    Group Base
    Cost: 600'000zg
    Vehicle Slots: 8
    Other Notes: For 12 players max, Mapped by staff team

    Donator Group Base
    Cost: 10€
    Vehicle Slots: 12
    Other Notes: For 12 players max, Mapped by you

    Vehicle Slots For Base
    1 Slot Costs: 2€
    Other Notes: Adds +1 Vehicle slot for your base ( Each team can buy only 5 slots )

    Donator bases must be same size as zg bases ( Donator personal base is same size as personal base bought using zg and donator group base is same size as group base bought using zg ).
    All donators bases must be approved by atleast 3 staff members to keep game balanced.
    All bases must be in LS!
    Base can be near max 3 ( common ) vehicle spawns.
    Base must be made so there will be NO vehicle spawns inside them. ( Would make game unfair).
    Bases that are near ad ( AirDrop) won't be accepted.
    To group base for zg you need to have atleast 3 members in your team.

    Base Rules:

    Base camping - Waiting outside their base waiting on them to leave to kill them.

    Storing more vehicles than the limit - This could lead to your base being revoked.

    Glitching/Bugging Inside Someones Base - Caught doing this will lead you to get punishment.

    Where To Send:

    We accept zg donations in game.
    Real money donations go in link mentioned above.
    If you want to buy a base and there arent any staff in server you can DM us in forums or in discord.
    If you have bought donated base and you have mapped it you can upload base and send link in forum DM's or you can give it in discord DM's.