Gamenet Roleplay Player and Staff Rules [MUST READ]

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    Player Rules:

    1. Disrupting the chat is not allowed.

    • This includes entering a flame war over insulting* other people and being a general pain in the ass.
      *insult: A word or phrase, regardless of the language it is written in, which in any way may deal emotional damage to the person (or persons) receiving it.
    • Note: A single insult is NOT considered reason for punishment. Any escalation from that insult is (for example if multiple players enter into a large argument over what has occured). In such cases of continuous arguments, both sides should be punished regardless of their roles in the argument.
    • Any such person will suffer the consequences as determined by the context of what has occured.

    2. Advertising is not allowed.

    • We don't care about other servers. Don't put them in the chat.
    • Doing this will get you a severe punishment.

    3. Hacking, exploiting and abusing bugs are all disallowed.

    • This includes using certain client-side mods to change your hitbox or any other part of your character which may result in your advantage.
    • This is considered a very serious offense and will be punished accordingly.

    4. Abusing features of the server to give yourself an unfair advantage in the Los Santos Gang Wars Area is not allowed.

    • Spawning a vehicle (or multiple vehicles) after your death is considered such an abuse.
    • This just isn't a nice thing to do. Punishments are left to the whims of the staff member who responds.

    5. Ruining events is not allowed.

    • The staff members put a lot of effort into their events sometimes. Don't ruin it for them.
    • If you break this rule, you're at the mercy of the staff member whose event you ruined.

    6. Disrupting what people are doing in San Fierro is not allowed.

    • This includes deathmatching and any other form of obstruction on people who are attempting to use server features in San Fierro.
    • Even though there are automated systems in place already for this, staff members are in their right to punish those prematurely who break this rule.

    NOTE: These are the ONLY official rules. Everything else is to be considered a "recommendation" or just general advice for better player behaviour etiquette.

    Staff rules:

    1. Abusing staff rights to cause the disadvantage (or advantage) of any player or group of players is not allowed.

    • This includes giving away money, vehicles, health, armor, free warps (without good reason), senseless bans, kicks, mutes and much more. Use your better judgement.
    • Your every action is logged. The logs are reviewed periodically. Be aware that if abuse is detected, it will result in punishment.

    2. You must be UNBIASED* and NOT show any FAVOURITISM* in your decisions.
    * To be neutral.
    * To show favour towards another person or group of people.

    • As a staff member, it is your job to be the judge during a situation. As such, you must look at what has happened completely objectively and not show any bias towards a single person or group of people.
    • Such a thing becomes clear over the course of your staff membership. If a pattern of favouritism is detected, you may be punished.

    3. Use your better judgement.

    • Do not rely on set in stone rules alone. You are a staff member because we require thinking people to keep the server a better place. We do not need robots who follow rules blindly. Think for yourself.
    • This is just general life advice.

    4. As a staff member, you're not allowed to be offended.

    • Yes, that's right. You were promoted because you appear to be more mature than anyone else. Don't ruin that by entering petty childish arguments over something that happens to offend you.
    • Again, just general life advice.

    5. Punishments are completely up to the staff member responding to a situation.

    • No official guidelines exist for how long or in which way a person should be punished for a certain action.