Vehicle Skin's

  • Hello everyone. I made this post so i can get a few idea's on wich Skins to use on some of the cars, i want skins that DON'T! and i say again DON'T change the hitbox of the vehicle, And dont change vehicle stat's (Speed handling And acceleration) I want skins for some aricraft; helicopters and normal Cars, i have a list, Not only i do this so i can have skins on some of my favourite cars, but also see how you guys like to play 😄 . If you have a suggestion, Tell me (Preferable if you post a link from where i can get it) Dat's all

  • Roleplay Team

    Got a list of the vehicles you'd like to have modded?

  • Well rustler shamal skimmer dodo elegy sultan infernus bullet nrg and i guess turismo