Unban Appeal Lui#000088s^

  • In-game name: Lui#000088s^
    Serial: 03A504AAC104F7CA8B4D486A7B5DCB54
    Server: Roleplay
    When: I don’t remember.
    How long: Three or four weeks.
    Reason: Discussion with Hex and NicoLas
    Ban duration: Ban permanent.
    Name you were banned under: Hex
    Who banned you: Lui#000088s^
    Your ban message you got: (Asked for a perma ban) + constantly insulting. Gamenet.ga to appeal.
    A good reason why we should unban you: Well, first of all I had the argument with Hex because he built some "ramps" in the LS hospital with the supposed objective that "Do not abuse the green zone" when he was the only one who was inside the green and went out to throw grenades , going back to it with jetpacks. Then NicoLas arrives and both began to speak in English, at that moment I did not understand what they said, then they talked about me and I decided to challenge a vs Hex, who never accepted. Again they were talking about me and I made a comment about NicoLas which said "I'm ashamed that you're Latino and you say you do not miss your country of origin". He took it as an insult, told Hex and they banned me. I do not know how to give them a good reason for my unban because it really was not with bad intentions that I did it, first because for the players that we have a cardboard PC (in my case) with those ramps I ran the game at 20 fps, I tried to avoid and he said it was not to abuse the green zone.

  • The Pink Squad

    @wooden If you didn't understand English how on earth did you write this application? Also, you missed the part where you were constantly saying, "ban me". I did not want to ban you but Nicolas said you were insulting, so I took you up on your offer and banned you.

    You are unbanned but if I see you asking for a ban again I'll just ban you with no chance of an unban.