new appeal ( Rock. ) Need back

  • In-game name: Rock.
    Serial: 9473195C3B025E123292A212D52292F4
    Server: RPG
    When: i don’t remember.
    How long: Three or four weeks.
    Reason: i dont know
    Ban duration: permanent
    Name you were banned under: Rock.
    Who banned you: JohnnyEnglish
    Your ban message you got: Ban Evasion

  • @JohnnyEnglish i can't stoped server GamerZone and Greendzone i am not owner and server Gameover it's stoped 😄

  • @JasperNL Jasper I want to go back to the server again and I do not have a server

  • Administrators

    I'm denying this application
    #1. Wrong Format
    #2. Jasper said that he will unban you after all other copy servers are closed. We do not know when or how that will happen. You can do something about it by talking to copy server owners
    #3. Spamming.

    Post any more unban apps and get banned from the forums for a month