Unban appeal

  • In-game name: [DD]Rookie_killer
    Serial: E460EE15ED8689521CCC638790E62994
    Server: Roleplay
    When: 6-27-2018
    How long: Two months
    Reason: for paste my pc's IP
    Ban duration: perma ban
    Name you were banned under: killer
    Who banned you: [DD]Nicolas
    Your ban message you got: advertesing
    A good reason why we should unban you: i don't hate him, i pasted the ip of my pc bcoz i was angry with him, he didn't check the ip bcoz there is not server in that ip, sorry for bothering

  • Administrators

    You deliberately said that it was the IP of a server, gave its name and IP. Any staff with logic would ban you because they do not have time to visit and check all and every servers. You post an ip of a server, you get banned.
    This is your fault totally, you brought this on yourself.
    @NicoLas will decide what to do with you since he has done the ban.

  • @JohnnyEnglish there is another unban appeal check the image, nico sent, write the ip in mta and check please.

  • @JohnnyEnglish they are enemies he won't unban him, nicolas kicked me of his gang bcoz i commented the old unban appeal XD, but i spoke with jasper to see what is his decition

  • Administrators

    @angel_luis As I said, if you say that " Hey! This is the ip of a server and I'm publishing it : mtasa://whateverIP" you'll get banned. We won't go to that server, check how all the ladies and their dogs are doing there, come back and ban you.
    You acted as if this was a real server IP And you get banned. Simple.

    @BrAnKiller_07 I don't give a dime if they are enemies. NicoLas did what is right, I would do so too, also hey! Did you give Jasper that $50 which you were planning to give to get staff? Good luck!

  • @JohnnyEnglish I was kidding, i don't wanted give him money for staff, it's free u didn't give nothing so?

  • The Pink Squad

    @angel_luis The thing is why didn't you ask for an unban appeal straight away if the server didn't exist? That is the part that doesn't make sense to me. The server may not exist now but it may have when you originally got banned and this is your excuse since it shutdown.

  • that is a simple IP, u can check it he pasted his own IP, nico has also pated his IP too, leguiza has also pasted gemenet's ip
    if the ban is for paste an ip
    a lot of players have to be banned too
    admins have to check if it's a server's ip or not
    he is banned but there is not anyserver so

    it's a personal perma ban bcoz nico had a discution with him

  • This post is deleted!

  • Roleplay Cunts

    @brankiller_07 stop crying, he won't get unbanned

  • @Hex nico knows that this IP doesn't have server, the server is called LatinoX-Online, this is not the IP bcoz nicolas y @JohnnyEnglish have entered to the server
    they know it
    @JohnnyEnglish paste the IP here

  • Global Moderator

    First of all the gang has noting related with this situation, but since u want to know I will tell u, got kicked of the gang for this kind of behavior.
    Also u are lying "nico has pated his ip" wtf are u saying? seems like u have a problem.
    anyways let's talk about the ban, as my friend JohnnyEnglish said, he told 2 guys to go to his server and pasted the ip in the public chat, so I banned him Its not so difficult.
    Also, Hex, I think he did the unban appeal now because they changed the ip of the server. I'm not 100% sure of this, but since he did the unban appeal 1 month later and they still have their server, I'm pretty sure that this is the real reason.
    my decision is to not unban him, he's lying about the situation and he doesn't deserve an unban.
    btw, Brankiller, thanks for Spamming me here on forums, in whatsapp and also thanks for blocking me.

  • Global Moderator

    wow, I went to your server it says "new ip" in the name,
    curious, isn't it?

  • The Pink Squad

    The decision has been made. The ban will stay you can try for an unban appeal at a later date.

    Reason: Lying in unban appeal + brankiller keeps responding to a topic that isn't any of his business this topic is for the appealer and staff to comment it. @BrAnKiller_07 continue to do this and you will be temp banned from the forums.

    If the ip that was sent in the screenshot wasn't a servers ip you should have appealed straight away not 2 months after the fact.