Whats up?

  • Hello there,
    Long time no see, people. How's the server doing and how's everyone doing? Not so happy about the server's inactivity tbh, but kind of happy the Staff team is still close to each other, and I hope it's the same for other players.

    Just decided to check on gamenet's forum since I won't be able to log on the sever for quite a while, just until I figure out how to copy GTA San Andreas off my old hard drive. Just incase you read this, please type in any thing; just to make sure there's still hope in the server.

    Those days on MTA where literally the best days of my life, shared hella memories with you all, and hopefully more memories to be made. Also sorry for my inactivity on the server, I apologize. I hope this server would revive once more, and see it active. Hopefully, I would find a way to copy GTA San off of my old hard drive, and find a way to get the server back to life.

    Thank you,

  • like u can't copy it until you put your old HDD in your pc and format it otherwise you need to download gta again anyways nice to see you verni 😄

  • Global Moderator

    Whatever you are on, good luck

  • if you want,i can give you my Steam GTASA wich has no DRM protection meaning you just download the RAR file, extract game and play.

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    Lets switch to Minecraft 😛

    Also good luck