scripters i need help here... i'm starting on this :D

  • i'm trying to do a resource that when kill a ped it will gives you money,
    i'm doing it, bcoz i wanna create my owns jobs and those thing.

    come on scripters.

    gamenet = createPed( 294, 1220, -1440, 10)

    function createP(_,thePlayer)
    if killer == killer then
    addEventHandler("onPedWasted", killer, gamenet)

    Function hiGuys(thePlayer)
    outputChatBox("what is wrong XD")
    addCommandHandler("shedoesn'tloveyou", hiGuys)

  • ah sorry brothers i did it

    function crearP (thePlayer, comando, argumento)
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer)
    #Angelcancel = createPed(294, x + 4, y, z)
    addCommandHandler("hi", crearP)

    function dardinero(_, asesino)
    if asesino then
    givePlayerMoney(asesino, 10000)
    outputChatBox("done you got 10k")
    addEventHandler("onPedWasted", root, dardinero)

  • Roleplay Cunts

    You are trying to make hitman job lol

  • spoiler alert: It wont get accepted

  • You on something?

  • not a hitman exactly, something diferent bcoz hitman already exist, give me ideas, i need it im thinking to create a player menu in dxdrawing

  • Administrators

    this_ped = createPed(294, 1220, -1440, 10)
    addEventHandler("onPedWasted", this_ped, function(ammo, killer, weapon, body, stealth)
        if killer and getElementType(killer) == "player" then
            givePlayerMoney(killer, 10000)

  • nice ty i learned to do it, i'm creatig a job it will be intersting.

    i know how you feel with those scripts stealers, is stressful create script for those noobs stealer.
    i prefer be original.