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    Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    I've always said that I'm keeping the servers online as long as there are actually players in our servers. In the recent year, it has become clear that the regular players have left our community, and that the servers are mostly empty. What surprises me is that there are actually many times where only two or three players are playing in a server, while clearly many more players are required to make the game fun.

    Added to that, many of you have seen that many staff team members have lost interest in the server. We're getting older, and we are placing priorities at other important issues in life. I'm happy to see that many staff members are still actively involved with one another, even if they have left their gamenet times behind them.

    I've waited until the christmas break to see whether there were players returning to our server, but this has not happened. This is why we've decided to shut down the servers at December 31st.

    According to BBB, who had been part of the community since the beginning, the GameNet community has been around for at least 12 years now. It all started by SanZor who started the community. Over the years the management team has been changed a number of times, and with these the community has been renamed to, to, and finally to That our gaming community lasted for so long is really something to be proud of!

    Now it's time to thank special people who contributed to our community. It is unavoidable that I'm forgetting some people, which I'm really sorry for!

    First of all, my thanks goes to SanZor, whom I have never really spoken. Of course, he's the founder of our great community, so he should be mentioned. This along with the group of Finnish guys who've been here since the beginning; ApuPapuPapinPata, Taalasmaa and Jp.

    I also want to thank BigBadButler, BBB, SundayDriver, AssWhipe or however you want to be called. In the first years of the server I haven't really spoken to you, and when I think back to these times, I know you more as "That one person who was working on the zombie mode server". Especially when I just joined the RPG team, I had no clue who you were. I'm happy that you've joined our exclusive club of Gamenet veterans that we've gathered together, and I'm happy to have learnt you a bit better there! From a server-perspective I'd like to thank you for building the zombie mode server and the derby server, along with some other gamemodes you've been working on. And, also not unimportant, for the upkeep of the servers during the and epoch! Thank you!

    To continue with the timeline of hosters, Marcus! You've never been actively involved in the management of our servers, but I'm really happy that you wanted to help me out with the hosting issue. You've been hosting our servers for a year or two, which we're really thankful for. Without your effort back then, I'm certain that our community would have stopped existing there. The way how your hosting period ended was a bit unclear, as you disappeared from our viewpoint. Up to the day of today I'm not aware of what happened exactly, which caused a lot of annoyance and hate from many of our players towards you. I know you as a friendly and honest person, so I hope I can fix that here. You've been helping us for a very long time, and that's how you should be remembered. Thank you!

    So in the end I've picked up the hosting business for our servers, which lasted for quite some years. I don't know when exactly, but it's been so for a very long period of time. I would really like to thank all players who've enjoyed playing on our servers.

    Next I would like to thank the management teams over the years. I was mainly involved in the RPG server, so that's what I'm going to talk about first. First of all, the old rots of our server: Most prominently Jaguar, GrimRipper, ProGex and HeadHunter, who were still very active when I joined in. Also Chris, who unfortunately disappeared from my viewpoint. I also would like to mention ColMustard, who's also an old rot, but always stayed around in our skype and whatsapp groups. I don't know you very well, but I think this is a nice place to honour you as well! I would also like to thank all new people who managed the RPG during my Jasper-epoch. Thank you Rada, Ross, Bouly, Emil, Enzo, Abo, Tural, Khalil and L4st, Tass, JohnnyEnglish, Uktash, and however short it was, Tricell, HellHour, Hellside (And yes, this list is in more-or-less a prioritized order). We've had a lot of moderators in the RPG server, and I'm not going to mention them all one-by-one. I would like to thank everyone!

    For the servers that are in BBBs legacy (the zombie mode, team wars etc.), thank you Taxem, Shinny, Limba, Estrate, Eddy, Rage and whoever else I'm forgetting.

    And the last group of servers, these that are neither in BBBs or my legacy. We've had SuperStars freeroam server, Edd's freeroam server and (last but certainly not least) the DayZ server! Ross and Tass have had some real successes with this. Congratulations with that!

    I also would like to thank Edd. I never understood who he was and where he came from, but he was actively involved in many community-matters, which I would like to thank him for. I don't know what happened to you, but your efforts are appreciated!

    And of course, all players, ambassadors and whoever got involved in our community. Thank you! You will not be forgotten 🙂

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    At long last, the Journey comes to an end
    I hate the fact that I joined late and couldn't meet the endless stream of awesome people or have fun when the server was at it's prime. But I am thankful for the times I had with people whom I love. Thank you all for playing with me. Thank you Staffs for giving me a chance. Thank you embassy for helping me. Thank you iRage and Karim for teaching me.
    Thank you Jasper. For changing my life.
    Long give gamenet. It shall not be forgotten.
    Long live gamenet. We shall be back.

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    I started playing MTA because of friends recommendation , by accident the community which they were playing in is soon after it changed to ingsoc, I started like any other player : learning and discovering things ... something that wasn't easy to do without a guidance However, the community grew on me so I decided to be directly involved in the community so I applied to the embassy and by my first try i got accepted into an experienced group by BALove (i have no recollection of encouters between us and to this day i don't know where and how you disappeared) and BOULY , the group had many people( NitroViper ,Rage,TurboNucker,Nico,Osvaldo, Nadeem, Masher ...) that helped me learn more .

    Whereas due to some problems i went inactive for a while but i came back afterwards : spent some time reforming my integrity, I decided to re-join the embassy ,in order to help players make their integrity easier and I got accepted by Ross ( it was my first encouter with you) as time went by I somehow made a good reputation around that paved my way through promotions in the embassy , i understood its goal and i wanted to inspire the players to do good deeds and help new players , the embassy to me was like my home i always wanted the best for it and i met awesome people in the process like : Nico,Karim ,Mann,Kha_lil,SuperKillerTN=D,Skyline,Johnny English, Pheonix(Uktarsh) and whoever else i'm forgetting, thank you for bearing with me.
    Subsequently the moderation needed more members so they made a vote between me and Jonathan(Makanaski) thereafter i got promoted into the staff and honestly when i was added to the staff i was shocked by finding many old staff/players that i knew before in the whatsapp group where i also found other staff members that i never knew, amazing dudes though >_>
    In the meantime, Dayz had been created which i helped build and take care of but some probems happened besides my duties in the rpg thus i quit the dayz staff and kept on being a player as it made me understand the issues and the worries of players even more which was really my intention since the beginning ** to help players report and complain about their issues ** .I think i've done an awesome job at being a staff Furthermore, i also gave my best in providing creative ideas to create scripts ,mediating, solve issues.
    As time passes by, life comes at you fast bruh i tell ya that ( priorities, studies , social life etc) my activity began to crumble and here we are today,

    What i'm trying to say here is that the community helped me grow SO MUCH and in many ways , it came at a time (youth) that we or I will talk about a lot in the future.
    In brief, thank you Jasper for letting me be a part of this community i truly have no other way to express my pleasure.
    Thank you Jasper,Ross,Enzo,BOULY,Abo-el-saeed,Rada for putting up with my cleverness and foolishness at discussing high server-related matters in RPG
    Thank you Ross,the 2 british lads,Utkarsh,Johnny English and whoever i'm forgetting here in moderating / playing DayZ
    Thank you to the rpg staff/oldies that i mentioned before and others that i didn't mention
    and most importantly thanks to our players.

    our journey comes to an end like any ship sail come ashore if not sank i have no regrets in spending my time on that ship in fact i loved the sea life.
    I hope we'll keep in touch in our whatsapp group if not i will always be availabe to reach out to you if you ever need my help via my whatsapp,facebook... .

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    It hurts but i think it’s the right time now. I just wanna say Thank you Jasper for making this community exists, really joining this community was one of the best things i did in my life, it might be just a game but joining this server affected my life a lot!. When i look at my English before gamenet and after, the difference is huge! it was so bad, but when i first joined the game and saw how good is the English of other people and on the other hand i can’t write two words together i had to adapt to be able to play comfortably with them and here i am today.
    At last i’d like to also thank all of the countless awesome people i met here and a special Thanks to BOULY who pushed me through the game process which encouraged me to continue playing. Wish y’ll great life!
    Was my pleasure, Johnny!.

  • “The most beautiful moments always seemed to accelerate and slip beyond one’s grasp just when you want to hold onto them for as long as possible.”

    This server was a big part in what made me the person who i am today. I've had some of the most fun moments in my life happen here, it's sad knowing this comes to an end. The ammount of things this community has brought to me, friends, fun memories and a reliable way to socialise with my friends. I cant possibly list all the people who i've befriended since i started playing, If i try i possibly cant list all people who im still in contact with and play without forgetting someone important. The server wich i played on the most was RPG since at the time of me joining others werent as popular / alive, so i started RPG and stuck with RPG untill the end. Seeing RPG evolve to what it is today really is sad. What makes me even sadder is to think i joined as late as early 2013. If i think about it i have made more friends in this server than i have in real life, most of the people who i communicate with or play with are from this server.

    I sincerely hope the people who know me to stick around, so we don't break the circle this amazing community built

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    Well, I would love to write a long heart-warming message here... But for sake of not over-dramatizing the things, I think I'll keep it short.

    My journey with Gamenet/IngSoc/Chaos started back in 2010 (8 years now huh?) I've met with many people here, people who changed me -for the better- people whom I touched, people whom I call brothers -and sisters- to this day. I might have lost contact with some of them over the years, but I know once we come together we might just start from where we left off, and that ladies and gentlemen, that's the most precious thing a person can have in his life, a friendship that can cross the borders, nullify the distance and time in between. A friendship that is meant to be last forever. And this community had given me just that...

    Besides the great friendships we built here, I've also learned a lot of things while I was serving here as an administrator. I carried things I've learned to my professional life after graduation, becoming the youngest manager in my company. And I want to thank you each and every one of you once again to let me be able to experience this opportunity. I've learned, crisis management, team management, keeping track of things.

    I've created the Embassy back in the days and seeing them working, serving to community even after I was long gone made me teary, made me feel proud of what I did, made me realize this community we worked so hard, we put so much into was more than "just a game" we created something beautiful, together. And now seeing this old machine going into the dusty shelves of history saddens me, yet I know, I know it just like the time I decided to retire from the staff, that people who had worked so hard for being here, will never lose the ties, will never abandon one another. So I am not scared of servers going down. The shutdown will sure make all of us move on, focus on new things.

    And in the end, we'll bring what we have seen or learn back home, to where we belong.

    And we belong with this amazing community.

    It was a pleasure to play with you all

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    Holy smokes
    I just feel like naming every single person I had fun with in the server.
    Sorry if I forget anyone.
    Staff: jasper ross rada imam jaguar haedhunter frodo johnny tural nadeem karim abo l4st balove mann skyline emil dardan verni masher han hanked shenfeld thomas andrewz rage utkarsh nitroviper jonathan superkiller khalil limba vincent joba hex nicolas nemanja estra joe senior alpha gizmo taalasmaa kingkef ahmedsm ashfaq turbonucker
    Non staff: espagne, anthony, snoopy, gh0st1, tiger, azizmaamer, scarface, framark, andrea, recma, the whole veterans and justein families, chocolate, sasuketaupe, the AB gang and all my latin american friends, the guys from south borneo indonesia, the filippino guys, eddy cool, the egyptian community excluding the pain in the ass one.
    I want to thank you all for this wonderfull journey.
    I even wanna thanks the guys who didn't go well along with me: nemanja(early days), sangara, ahmed trigui, etc..
    Most of all I want to thank shinny taxem BBB and everyone who contributed in the making of this journey.
    I was privileged to be in the staff team since 2015 and I'm so gratefull for that.
    Oh yeah btw I'm now officially an engineer.
    Your uncle

    Ps: thanks for these warm words guys

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooo! bro may you give your gang sistem i'm creatting a server, if you want bro it can be a great gift for my birthday bro 💔

    I am not interested but I like gamenet so much that I would like to implement it since it will be closed 😞

    please bro ❤
    i was in gamenet since december 28th of 2017 i won't forget my friends johnnyEnglish, nicolas, jasperNL Lag-uiza XD, Chuma Rocy! Deva, Mierda, ❤ my brothers bye i love you guys

  • Roleplay Cunts

    Sad. I am not OG but i had good times with good people.

  • they did surgery on a grape, this server wasn't going anywhere with it's pedo management.

  • my thanks to
    ross - for letting me to know what a pedo is
    hex - for this autistic message that pushed me to do more
    johnny - for helping me to do more.
    Red&kanna - for toxicity
    even though they wont appreciate it.
    thanks to all.

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    @1337iextreme said in Pending shutdown:

    they did surgery on a grape, this server wasn't going anywhere with it's pedo management.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Rest in Peace, Gamenet. Gone but not forgotten.
    Thanks for the friends i've met on here.
    I wish luck to all of you.
    Oh, and @1337IEXtreme, you can go suck a horse cock

  • Honestly even in such sad times people still manage to be annoying and bothersome, just let it go, either way it will all be over soon

  • True.
    Even tho some people were assholes, cunts, idiots, morons, we had a great time all together. Glad i was a part of the community.

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    Wow, I didnt expected that, I stopped playing because oflife(thats not the main reason) actually i left because i wasnt enjoying the game lately, but I want to thank everyone who was nice with me, Kha_lil, superkiller, jasper, ross, last, enzo,bouly, utkarsh, masher, estrategia, markeloff, karim, johnny and everyone sorry if i forgot someone

    Special thanks to Johnny, Bouly, Ross and Enzo for helping me with my english, Ross, Jasper, Bouly and staff for letting me being part of the staff!

    I started back in 2011, i think... I started ZM first, I decided to move to rpg because of Kiske and the S.T.A.R.S guys which were toxic, once i tried rpg it was fun, started making some Spanish friends and ignoring english guys till I know Enzo which learned me the basics then everyone started to helping me to improve it, and Im glad I learned so fast. Anyways I still in touch in WhatsApp and steam, I still playing some games with some gamenet friends, so this is not a Farewellif you want my steam ID, Its

    And Jasper you forgot me 😞

  • Is mad at Jasper

    @JasperNL pliz unBanned
    names banned DanGona

  • Is mad at Jasper

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    @beshoy i don't know what you've read