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  • Is mad at Jasper

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    @beshoy i don't know what you've read

  • men don't close there're 34k players in mta connected dayli, the problem is that they haven't found gamenet if i invite 30 players do you keep it alive?

  • Is mad at Jasper

    This post is deleted!

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    @beshoy said in Pending shutdown:

    ![alt text](0_1546203739361_49122158_516900862151978_2526957335885119488_n.jpg image url)

    But what do you want to do in that last day?

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    @brankiller_07 said in Pending shutdown:

    men don't close there're 34k players in mta connected dayli, the problem is that they haven't found gamenet if i invite 30 players do you keep it alive?

    Things don't work that way, mate.

  • Welp. Oof.

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  • @jaspernl don't close it please i haven't found a server like gamenet. i thought when i have 25 i'll play to remember old times in gamenet, in flag with leguiza in discussion with nicolas xd, asking for rank to johnnyEnglish jajaja those cute times to close it like this, think bro.

    i was wacthing old videos of gamenet in your youtube channel when gamenet was called test server when you were following the tultle and that dissapeared and you wrotte "wtf xd". don't close it please
    as BrAnKiLlEr_07 == Brandol Adon Rojas this is my facebook 18 years old a latin boy is here ask you to don't close gamenet i broke my laptop i'm scripttting in my brother's laptop he is banned in gamenet for pasting an ip if you unban my brother's account i start playing today

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    I think everyone above mentioned everything nice about the server; i dont want to make a long post; though i would like to thank everyone who i've met on this journey and had a wonderful time with. I made more friends in this server than real life. Been a part of this server for five years, it's been hell of a ride.

    Thank you everyone! Hope we meet someday somewhere in some other game, till then have a good life ahead, stay in touch! ๐Ÿ™‚


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    had the some of the best laughs in this server, and mostly the best friends
    Happy new year and may we meet again in an other universe
    may i also take from pants this sentence,(pants u are fucking great)
    my thanks to
    ross - for letting me to know what a pedo is

  • Happy New Year Everyone, Have fun in upcoming times!
    (Also everyone banned by me and miku ((mostly miku)), a video is gonna be up in a bit, im gonna post link here)

  • so what will happen with forums? Will they go down today too?

  • Well, sorry for the inconvenience, but i managed to leak 5 IP addresses! Good job me!

  • I remember arriving shortly after you, in 2009 ... goodbye.

    From the latin LA.

  • Roleplay Team

    It's been best around 10 almost 11 years of my life. Even tho, i only had chance to play for around 6-7 full years, these 6-7 years have been something best in my life, meeting new people, being there all day and stayin' until the morning playing and talking with them. I discovered RPG by a recommendation by none less but FriX, we met on random server and we started talking and at one point he mentioned, a RolePlay server, explained whats out there on it, and i was excited to try it out. Been playing for around 2-3 months and then Recma came there first time, and i just somehow knew that hes going to be my friend, and we are one day going to meet in Real-Life, and i was right. Also, later on i met Andrea, a Croatian girl that is purely honest, funny, and trustable. I'm so grateful i met and managed to get Real-Life friends on RPG like them two (Recma, Andrea).

    I want to say special thanks to Recma, Andrea, NicoLas, Miguel (A guy who risked his ass at least 3 times to unban me without a unban appeal, or when one gets denied. I'm glad i met him, and glad to say hes one more friend from RPG that im going to keep talking with.), Estrategia (Thanks to whom i got unbanned last time, and later even got into the great Staff Team.) and even if i don't talk with him anymore, FriX.

    Of course BIG thanks to JasperNL=D for hosting the greatest and funniest server I've ever played on.

    I'm really sad this journey has come to an end, but we all will remember beautiful memories from RPG, unfortunately, even the bad ones. But that time has come, as Jasper said we're all getting older and focusing on important things about our lifes.

    Love y'all and i wish y'all a Happy New Year, and best of luck in your lives!

    Best Regards,

  • hey there,not sure if u remember me tho i hope u do,even if its just by name.I made new acc because forgot my old one username and pw but regardless on that i come here to say that this server(im talking mainly about roleplay server) gave me much fun and joy with my friends in past,i still remember all the good times few years ago,i can still remember when i was banned for picking up every clue and thus making a lot of money, but it was just pure memorization of all their places and hitting that good timing : D.One of my biggest desires was to eventually take a part in administration, to become staff member(mod in roleplay) but it was hella hard and not even possible because i have moved on to racing gamemode(ffs events) later on, its a bit nostalgic but i assume its only logical now to shut down servers because it really does seem empty and without any sign of life in there,i want to say thank you for good moments and i wish u a happy new year everyone, Rossssssssita

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    @reddey said in Pending shutdown:

    so what will happen with forums? Will they go down today too?

    They'll stay online a little longer.

  • rip gamenet