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  • WTF!! gamenet is closed and there is a server with the same name lol those arabs hahahah

    hola a todos los latinos de acá espero y disfruten sus vidad y sean felices, ya que es algo que aparentemente es dificil de conseguir

  • Alright, we all respect and understand the reason why the servers will be taken down. Having the server on but empty all the time isn't going to get more players online. Jasper, no joke, you created memories between us all and connected random players from all around the world that not only made us friends, but a family; huge thanks. Seriously unforgettable memories. First of all, I have been here since 2012-2013. I remember I joined in around the first couple days of; not only did I have fun playing this gaming and talking to each single player, but surprisingly this game taught me how to properly talk English. I remember around the days of (I am not sure if it was at that time specifically or not), when the sever had some hosting problems and was almost shutdown, and I went and cried to my parents about that and I almost went crazy and it was like I had anxiety because of that. Funny to go back and remember that.

    Here are all the names I used:

    • elmigi: That's the name I started with and I used that for like 2 years. I am sure most of you might remember me with name.
    • VeRnI TwIcE: That was the second name I used. Then I realized it was really bad, and I only use Verni.
    • ToNiCoRoNe: A'right, I copied this name from the real ToNi, he was a really good friend. I was later on banned by Rabbit.
    • Cars(Cool-Gear): Don't ask lmfao.
    • Brian: I copied this name from the real Brian who earlier had at the end of his name [Drift-King], cool dude.
    • Trixim: Lately used that name, and changed it a couple months after.
    • Verni: That's the name I use right now. (Rip, there's no now anymore)
      I had lots of other names. (Finish already, no one really cares)

    I'd like to thank Jasper for everything. He's the reason this server was made, and all these memories too. Second of all, Ross. He's the closest and he's the homie; he's the reason I got promoted in the Embassy like 6 times, and the reason I was lately promoted to a moderator before I went in-active. He helped through a lot, even things outside the game. Thank you brother, hopefully we meet some day and our friendship stays the same. Too many names mention. But still thank you everyone who supported me throughout all theses years, and tried to help me in anyway. Thank you for everyone who tried to improve the game. Thank you for everyone who tried to ruin this server, you made a fool out of yourself. I made too many friends, but the ones I could remember are BOULY,y, Culprit, Faker, Mido (Both of them), Death, Rage (Although he hated me), Mierda, Mr.Underpants, The Last, Super KIller, Karim, Nadeem, Johnny, Khalil, Jack, Han (The drift king), Andreaa, Tass, Anthony, DOPE, Jonathon, Reddey and way more.

    My history in this server:
    Alright, I joined this server in 2012-2013 as I said before. My parents didn't like really like the fact that I was playing an online game at such a young age. I was first introduced to this server by my cousins, back in 2012. At that time, I had a potato laptop couldn't run Microsoft Office. So I had to wait a couple months till I get a new laptop; and there everything began. I used to not talk at all in the chat, and just roamed around the map with my cousins. I first bought a car called Vincent. Apparently, my cousins gave me the game with mods installed, and I saw the Vincent as a CLS 63. I seriously loved it, and kept it for around 6 months or somethin. But once, the img mods somehow got removed, and when I came to spawn the Vincent, I saw the ugliest car to be ever made.
    Time by time, I started talking in the chat. But one time, my smartass decided to insult Marcus, and tell him to give me money; but that turned out really bad. I ended up being banned for 9 months. I decided to evade the ban, and joined from my sister's laptop, and BOULY gave me a permanent. To summarize, I used to lie and make up stories saying I was 16 because I thought players under 16 weren't allowed to play the server. I met KillerBoy we used to play together when my cousins eventually stopped playing the game. I met all the other people. I gotta go, lol.
    Seriously not the best news, but yeah. Things gotta change.


  • There's something wrong where I can't go back and edit something. But Joba is in the names too.

  • Yhaaa, It's REWIND time!

  • What.
    This server has mostly changed my history,and my whole life to be exact.
    Even if I ain't in a good relationship with @Ross rn, I want to thank him first, cause everything he's done for me was amazingly and risky.
    Then I want to thank @BOULY cause he mostly agreed with the Ross whatever he suggested, also big thanks to @JasperNL cuz he was most time with me and supported me.
    Also thanks everyone to who was my friend,to whom I banned.I won't name anyone,cuz I had too many friends. I guess atleast.
    Thanks,bye, love ❤

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    @brankiller_07 said in Pending shutdown:

    WTF!! gamenet is closed and there is a server with the same name lol those arabs hahahah

    hola a todos los latinos de acá espero y disfruten sus vidad y sean felices, ya que es algo que aparentemente es dificil de conseguir

  • What became of Mr.Underpants?

  • Roleplay Cunts

    @victorvenezuela-0 some people showed him their real face

  • I've been here since 2010 and the community really made part of my teenage years. I had a great time, I'm happy to have assisted the community and to keep it alive while it lasted, using my creativity. I understand that it's not worth to keep it running anymore, as everyone is moving on with their life. I wish the best of luck to all of you! 🙂

  • Embassy High Rank Team

    Hello everyone, I know I am late for this but I couldn't change my account's password.
    This is my short story in Gamenet :
    I was invited to the server by my friend " Thelegend " (Ricardo).
    I used to enter the game whenever I feel like bored and troll people. My English was bad as well.
    And since the day I joined I started building memories with amazing people, DOPE was my first friend there, we used to go around and troll people around.. Then Reddey came in and we all spent time together, it was fun times.
    And then, I was introduced to something called Embassy, a team that help people, I was amazed by the idea, by the concept of helping.
    So I made the best decision of my life,which is that I should behave and become a better person so I can join that team.
    And yes, because of the things I did when I used to troll it was hard for me to get accepted in the team (I used to be toxic). But I was accepted.
    Then I started meeting new people, new staff members and I started quickly to have more and more friends, those times were amazing. I started to get better and better in English.
    It was the best period of my life...
    And I want to thank Ross so much he's been a someone who supported me all along, he helped me change, and helped me become a better person.
    And then I started becoming better and better, and falling in love with the idea of helping people I wanted the best for that team, it was like a family to me, we used to chat every single day on Whatsapp all together, and started meeting more amazing people.
    Then shortly, I was promoted to Embassy Leader which was the best thing that could've happened to me. Thank you so much for believing in me and my abilities.
    So since the day I became the Embassy Leader, I started doing new things, trying to change up things.
    But sadly, it was the time where people were starting to leave Gamenet...
    So I made new plans took care of the Embassy, made by best to check on the Embassy members, I made sure that new players were taught the best. I wanted Gamenet to be populated again..
    But still I couldn't bring the server back alive with many players. I tried many solutions but none of them seemed to work, I was always helped by all the Embassy members, but specially JohnnyEnglish and Ross. But I couldn't keep new players sticking in with the server...
    I tried my best and I'm glad that I did, I had the chance to be a Leader of an Embassy in such an amazing community.
    I'm sorry that I couldn't do more for the server but it has come to an end.
    I'm also mad that I didn't join in the times where Gamenet was populated and meet more amazing people.
    I don't know where I would be at this time without Gamenet, I started loving the game industry, the computer industry because of Gamenet, became more obsessed with new amazing things.
    But what I loved the most was that I was able to come in the game at anytime and had the chance to talk with people all around the world and learn about their culture.
    And in those last days, I was being trained scripting by JohnnyEnglish, I had a plan to join the Gamenet's scirpting team in the upcoming summer and help the server become a better one, but I guess I won't be able to have that chance !
    Thank you so much @JohnnyEnglish, because of you now I know what I am going to do as a major in the University.
    I am so sad that those days has come to an end, I couldn't be in game in the past moth because of school, but I hope that I'm gonna stay in touch with most of you guys.
    I hope this forum could be a place where we can all talk from time to time, and I hope that @Jasper finds out something to do with this amazing community. ( Maybe moving Gamenet to a new game ? Maybe restarting it ? Maybe idk ?)
    There is a lot of things that I also learnt because of Gamenet, but I guess I typed too much, and I should stop by now.
    Big thanks for all the people that has supported me in this beautiful journey. I will never let go of these amazing memories...
    Thank you @JasperNL so much for building this amazing community.

  • @john Damn, the feels. You were a great leader kinder. It was easily observable, You tried recruiting new LA's when there were'nt enough to help around, and you did it, you managed to put the embassy back on its feet. In my honest opinion since i play you were one of the greatest leaders. Even though gamenet is shutting down in our hearts it still lives on. Even though all servers are shut down everyone still is friends with everyone else, it'll be like gamenet never shut down. Don't be sad about this shutdown because in reality, since no-one could play either way and we kept contact thru' Whatsapp Discord & the such and it will be like the shutdown never happened. The servers did shut down but the community still lives on for those who want it to.