How about if we make this rock again? [Serious Topic]

  • I'm trying to contact with sir @JasperNL ,
    Well, I'm ( Yes, Sangara, that "Pain in the Ass") about to make a good offer to keep online again and try to make this be like some time ago. I know what I did ( and what I didn't) so I hope Jasper will take this as something serious, I'm not going to talk about money cause it's something that we have to talk in private. I'm not doing this to fuck this , to be honest , Gamenet ( when I entered for the first time) gave me a lot of friends, good times and If I can do something to give him back the favour I'll do .
    Sir Jasper, mah WhatsApp is +34 640278751, I'll be waiting for your response ( I don't care for the people that will try to troll me cause I know Jasper's number )

  • eat a dick

  • Bro, honestamente estas personas no están interesadas, aparte los scripts de gamenet son muy antiguos y desactualizados. te recomiendo que lo dejes asi, yo tambien quize intervenir pero están renegados, mejor te ofenden mira este cabrón daddy lo que te dice. Dejalo ir, aparte si abren gamenet no va a tomar jugadores porque un rol antiguo.

  • I don't care about if it's old or not, I keep my offer.

  • ehhh man it's not about money YOU should UNDERSTAND that 90% aren't active if not left the server and gamenet will never be fun without +35 players so accept it gamenet is gone and forever

  • lol yep it won't be fun again, if u a fun server look for scripters good, and create something unique. those scripts are old.

  • I already made an offer shortly before the server died, and it's not a good idea to tell you ...

  • Make a Gamenet Fortnite server, and I will be on everyday.

  • MTA is dead m8, why dont you just give up? Go play APEX,Fortnite or any other shit.