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    Chat Rules

    1. English in global chat. - It makes it easier for us staff to moderate the chat and ensure that nothing bad is said however if you do it another language we can't be to sure. So instead use /msg "name" "text"

    2. No spamming. - This also includes any type of object that fills the chat.

    3. No insulting of any form. - Depending on what you have said you may earn yourself a ban.

    4. No hackusations - Don't accuse anyone of hacks just because they killed you. If you have sufficient proof file a report.

    Gameplay Rules

    1. No Combat logging. - It is still combat logging even if there is no shooting involved.

    2. Hacking is forbidden. - Any kind of hacking is forbidden. And is always punished by a ban.

    3. Duping is disallowed. - Duplication of items is strictly forbidden

    4. Bugging through walls or any part of map is forbidden. - However most of these have been fixed. If you come across anymore feel free to report them so we can fix them.

    5. Trying to use any sort of bug/glitch within GTA that gives you an advantage over other players is not allowed. - We want fair level of playing ground for each and every player.

    6. Inviting a person to your group for the sole reason of killing them is disallowed - This also apply the to the person joining the gang also.

    7. Camping player spawn points is disallowed - It's unfair to kill people that have nothing just to gain some murders.

    Base Rules - actions that are disallowed

    1. Base camping. - This is waiting outside their base waiting on them to leave to kill them

    2. Glitching/bugging into anyone else's bases. - Please stick to your own base, if you don't own one then get killing.

    3. Storing more vehicles than the limit. - This could lead to your base being revoked

    Staff Rules

    1. Staff members aren't exempt of any rules. - As a staff member you are expected to follow the rules. You should make a good example of yourself.

    2. Do not abuse your powers for personal reasons - This is punishing a player due to personal reasons. Abusing your powers for personal gain.

    3. When banning a player please add a detailed reason on why.

    Please follow these rules.

    -DayZ Staff Team.

  • -Updated Rules 19.4.2018-

    Mute Rules
    1.If you speak anything but English in Global Chat, you will be warned.
    2.If you repeat your last offense, you will be muted for 5 minutes.
    3.If you repeat speak something that is not English in Global Again, you're getting muted for 1 hour.
    4. If you're muted and change your name, you will be warned.
    5. If you're muted and change your name, you will be kicked.
    6. If you repeat your last offense, you will be banned for an hour.
    Disrespecting Staff Members.
    Disrespecting staff members will not be tolerated, and you will be instantly punished.
    Gameplay Rules
    Logging Out In Area is punishable, and if caught, you will be warned. On a second warning, you will be banned for 12 hours. If you're caught logging out or into area again, you will be banned for 24 hours. If you have been banned for such offense before, you will be banned for a month.
    Staff Rules
    Please, do not discriminate players and follow the rules said above.
    -DayZ Staff Team.